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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I’ve been blessed with good genes. Most of my family, male and female, had full heads of hair when they died, or as they continue to age. That means I shouldn’t have to worry about looking into hair loss treatment when I get older. Unless, of course, I can’t get this trich under control.

I recently tried cutting my hair. Yeah, that didn’t work. I can still cover the areas. Not that I want to show off the bald spots. I just don’t want those bald spots period.

Unspectacular Quirks

Can you relate to any of these??

  1. I’m lazy when it comes to house cleaning. I absolutely HATE to do laundry, and dishes, and things like that.
  2. When it comes to my computer, I’m an organizational freak. My home? Organized chaos all the way
  3. I have an OCD-disorder called Trichotillomania. I have several bald spots, which is why most of my pictures are with my hair up.
  4. I have a slight obsession with school supplies. Notebooks, pens, pencils, all those things make me go INSANE for more. 🙂
  5. My dream is to become a published author, but I don’t think I’m good enough 🙁
  6. I’m an insomniac who usually can only go to sleep with the aid of sleep medications. I’m notorious for staying up until 7am, and crashing for a few hours, and then being up the rest of the day, and able to do it the next night as well.

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