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Oh my god, I’m SO bored when the kids aren’t home. I’m actually looking into wii accessories that make it so I can play more games online. WTH? I hate gaming with people I don’t know, yet I’m looking at it!

241/365 - Inside My New Purse

Yesterday, though, I did get a new purse! It holds my REBEL and my Kindle! *squee* It also can hold my Cybershot and my Impression! *w00t*

I Never Remember to Post

Bag 02
Why am I constantly focusing on something else? Because of the camera!! Its not my fault!! It calls to me!!

I was nice today, too! I let Josh touch the camera, and actually use it!! He didn’t listen to me though when I tried to explain how it worked! 😛 Men. Stubborn shits, the lot of them!
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Yesterday’s Pics, As Promised

As I promised, pictures of the kids at Josh’s dad’s. 🙂 There were 69 total pictures before the battery died, XD. Josh finds that number quite ironic.

They actually shared the Jeep. We’ve got two, but only one is built. The shot was Madi getting out, so Ethan can play. And she was going “Time for Ethan”. *AWW!!*

The picture is a bit blurry, but honestly, it adds to it, IMO 🙂
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