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Did Ya Hear?

Oh, there’s some big news in the world, at least mine!

I’m the Ad Team lead at Gingerscraps Surprised smile

That means I’m in charge of the ad team. I’m in charge of making sure blogging happens! I’m in charge of all that fun stuff Open-mouthed smile

I also get to do some MAJOR blogging on the Gingerscraps blog Open-mouthed smile You can find my posts EASILY Open-mouthed smile

Find a post with this on it, and you’ve found my posts:

Reminds me I need to work on a siggy for the blog here Open-mouthed smile!! I Red heartthe one for GS! Open-mouthed smile

I did make this one at some point:


I don’t like it though! I like the little quote “Find Your Own Story” but otherwise, yeah, not so much!

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OH What a Beautiful Morning

Yeah, so not how I feel about the morning. It’s not a bad day. It’s not a good day. It’s a day.

Hell, it’s not even morning. It’s after 1pm (or will be once I finish publishing this post).

Sometime today, I have to work on a vlog. I didn’t take into account how hard it would be to do so with my husband home. This was his first official LONG WEEKEND. Oh, yes, I love it. I also hate it. You know how it is. You get used to only seeing them on certain days. Then they’re off, and it throws you for a loop, Laughing out loud. That’s where I’m at right now. Thrown for a loop.

Don’t get me wrong. I love having him home. The kids are a bit better behaved, and I have back-up for telling them to get things done. Like, today, rooms are getting cleaned. Oh finally! It’s nice.

But it’s weird.



Today was not a good day. It had some good moments, but on a whole, just sucked.

One: Josh had to work … On a national holiday. He had to do collections because people still demand their mail picked up.

Two: the kids were just awful. Just AWFUL!!

Three: the asshole kids in the complex were just assholes. Throwing ice snowballs at our windows. Constantly slamming doors. Making my potty mouth look clean. You get the point.

All in all: BAD DAY!!

There was some good. Ethan took a nap. I found a recipe I really want to try. I have nommy cookies to enjoy. Ethan definitely kept us in stitches while he was in the bathtub.

So, some positives.

Tuesday’s Plans

I don’t really have that much planned for today. It’s gonna be a nice and relaxing day, if you ignore the fact that today and tomorrow we’re supposed to have storms.

Madi had a bad day yesterday. Not a got in trouble bad day, just a stressful day for a five-year-old. First she forgot her lunchbox at school. Then she couldn’t quite understand what I was asking her with a math problem (I’m sorry, but five-year-olds are not ready for word problems). Someone didn’t go to bed like she was supposed to on Sunday, so she was exhausted yesterday.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

  • Post a post
  • Take a picture
  • You know I gotta do some laundry
  • Leave 5 comments @ Gingerscraps on layouts
  • Speed Scrap @ Gingerscraps @ 9pm
  • Transfer scrap kits from Paige to MyBook (if I don’t bash the computer, of course)
  • NCIS!! NCIS!! I think it’s the season finale tonight 🙁

Music is the window to the soul

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but I honestly believe that music is. You can gage someone’s mood by the music they have playing. Loud and banging can mean a really happy, bouncy mood, or a very dark bad mood. Lyrics can usually give you a clue into that.

I just recently updated my “playlist” for my cellphone. I added songs that I thought fit me, and most any mood I could have. It’s always fun to try and figure out why I’ve decided on a certain song, so I figured I’d share my current playlist 🙂
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