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Phone is Ready for 2014

Pieces by Connie Prince, using her Best Year Ever kit!


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Get a Job

I love hearing people say “Get a job” to those people who don’t have one. Have they not looked at the current market. There aren’t many jobs. The jobs that are out there won’t provide anything like food or clothing for families with kids. Plus, so many jobs require background checks, and a lot of people won’t pass them, because they’re now adding credit scores into some of them.

I don’t have a bad background, but I have the WORST credit. Someone took my identity and used it to get a mortgage. I can’t even LOOK at my numbers because I don’t have that information (for the mortgage). I don’t know where to go for it.

So, I’m screwed. Makes trying to pay off anything damn near impossible because I don’t know what I actually owe.

I Always Feel Like …


Someone is watching me. That above shot? Taken with one of my web cameras. This was on the tower. I was giggling about drinking some booze (shut up, yet, I drink wine coolers. Beer is gross!). Instead, Josh totally stole the shot! I need to learn to check my background. SCARY!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found in the background of your pictures?
Did you get weirded out? I know I am over that look from him Rolling on the floor laughing