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Project Life 2015: Week 01

I completed my first week! I’m so proud of myself! Not that it really does take that much. That’s the easiest week to complete, 😆

But it was a good week! I’m working on doing more font work and all that! Wish me luck on that!

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30 Days of Lists {Sept 07}

S14 List Header 7

  1. Vacuum (sometimes)
  2. Dinner planning
  3. Grocery shopping
  4. Taking the kids to the bus

School-Based Templates

LissyKay Designs has a couple new sets of templates out, perfect for those who want to scrap those school memories! They’re wonderful and perfect! Plenty of room for a lot of pictures or plenty of journaling!

Kit: Apples for Teacher by Trixie Scraps
Template: My {1st Day} Story by LissyKay Designs
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Project: Life {Week 34}

Not a big week. Not much happened, minus the Ice Bucket challenges (videos are on the sidebar! Feel free to watch them!)

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First of the Month Layouts

Kit: Everyday Photos by JB Studios
Template: Connie Prince

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