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Photo Hunt: In Memory

Theme: In Memory

Pretty Boy Protective
In memory of the sweetest kitty in the world, who was so protective of a little girl.
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Favorites, I Has Them

Theme: Favorite(s)

My ultimate and totally completely favorite shot. I love these two males with all that I am.
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Less-Words Wednesday

The picture represents the end of an age. It represents the end of Madi being my baby girl to being my school-aged little girl. cry Everything inside that bag was picked by her, and while I’m proud that she’s starting kindergarten, it’s a bittersweet feeling. The bag houses a 2-inch binder in white, waiting for Mommy to design the cover for it. Inside the binder are two folders, one of an adorable puppy and a pink-sparkly design one. She also has a pink supply box, with a Princesses zipper pencil bag inside. There’s also a box of 3-oz Dixie cups in a pink and brown circle pattern. Inside the front-zipper-pocket is her Crayola Markers. The napkins are also part of her school supply list, and patterned with butterflies and dragonflies.