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A Day Off

Today, I finally had a day off. I say finally, but it’s been six days since my last day off, so it felt very needed!

I’m doing a hybrid workout of Joel’s LIIFT4 and a mix of Autumn’s 21 Day Fix/Extreme Real Time and 80 Day Obsession. I’m SORE, but it felt so good!

Finally broke out my Polar H10 heart-rate monitor, too!



My son was supposed to have a scout thing at 6, so I raced home to have time to workout. Didn’t get the email until too late that it was moved to 7 and closer to home because of weather. So I stressed when BOD wouldn’t work on either of my devices.
This sinus migraine because of aforementioned weather isn’t helping me either.
But I got my workout done. It wasn’t my best but I just couldn’t focus.


We Need to Hear This

Long time, way long time, no post. There’s no excuse, minus being too lazy to change the password again.

Today, I’m trying again to post daily. I have no real excuse not to be able. I have multiple devices that will allow me to do it!

So, I’m going to try again!


Definitely Needed

026/365 [2018] - Custom Cuppies

I missed a few days of 80 Day Obsession. I had 83 hours when I clocked out on Wednesday. I still had to work today and tomorrow.

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Before … 80 Day Obsessions Begins

Tomorrow, I start 80 Day Obsession.

Here are my befores. I’m being brave with this!

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