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I Feel Good

Now that's a confidence booster.

I had to take some time off of working out. I really overdid it with my knee last weekend, and since then, it’s almost like having carpal tunnel in my knee. That’s how it felt. Straight, I’d have shooting pains up and down it, from my ankle to underneath my patella. When it’s bent, it was the tendons on the back of my knee. I guess I took WAY too many steps, and that’s what caused it.

But, I’m still seeing a major difference in the shape of myself. The above set of pictures shows it. The big one is how the world would see me. the top right is relaxed stomach. I can still see a little fluff but I can also see the definition that is starting. The bottom right is the sucked-in, the way I stand normally. The definition isn’t amazing and perfect, but there’s more there than when I was 90lbs before I got pregnant with Madison.

I actually weigh pretty close to what I started at (that lovely time of the month, so a lot of excess water weight), but I feel better than I usually do during that time. I’m amazed at how well things are going. So, while this week has been about recuperating with my knee, I’m excited to get back into it. I’m hoping, when we upgrade phones, that I’ll be able to go for runs and things while the kids are in school as well.

Wordless Wednesday: A Hint of Tomorrow


Slowly Darkening


Shoes, running, doing that.
I’m hoping to start doing that again soon.
This time, without the pain.

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Being Bodacious

What place feeds your soul? Where do you feel most at home? Most creative? Most peaceful? Most like your authentic self? Any and all of the above…

Okay, time for some real and true honesty, again, I guess. Once again brought by the amazing Janey!

Most at home has always been my parents’ house. I pull into the lane and a sense of peace just comes over me. I can be me, completely and totally, including yelling at my sister, cursing at my parents (and always with an immediate “sorry about my language” :lol:).

The most creative, though, I’m usually outside. Anywhere. I love being outside. Especially now.

So, yeah, home is the only place I could think of to be.