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I got New Shoes


I needed to replace my shoes, desperately. So, we went to the mall first. All they had were pastel shoes. I can’t wear pastel at work. So, off to Academy Sports we went, where I KNEW the shoes were at.

Well, I tried them on (after spending a couple minutes finding the LAST pair in a 7.5 ). Ugh. It hurt the top of my foot. I panicked. That’s the only way to describe it. I panicked! I didn’t know what to do.

So, I checked out a pair of black Nikes. I didn’t want them. They also caused pain in the same spot.

Josh then pointed out that the shoes weren’t laced the way I lace my shoes. I have to lace mine differently because of my high arches.

So, I tried the original ASICS on my other foot. No pain. No nothing.


After I put the shoe back on the foot that hurt, after adjusting my sock (I wore a thicker pair to make sure I got the right fit, and they have extra padding in the arch as well, ). I’m walking around, jumping. Everything.

I was so excited! I had found my shoes! They were exactly the ones I had gone in to buy, and I even grabbed some socks. I’m such a dork. The colors of a couple pairs matched my shoes and I was sold .

I’m so excited that I’m starting 2017 with a new pair of ASICS; this time they’re a pair of Gel Excite 4. They’re so perty!

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I Have a Love For Shoes

Adidas Ozweego's are my dream shoes.I love, love, love to shop for shoes but I’m scared to death to buy them online. I have this really weird arch that requires certain shoes. So, the super cute high heels and even most athletic shoes don’t work out for me.

I’ve been on the hunt for a certain pair of tennis shoes, though. They’re Adidas Ozweegos. Many moons ago, I found a pair that I wanted so bad. They had PURPLE. Purple, I tell you, and I’ve yet to find them again. When my parents had the funds to get them, they disappeared, and were replaced with this ugtastic red and gold combination. *gag* So, I didn’t get them, and went with a pair of purple Athletic Works or something from Walmart 🙁

Now my goal is to find a few pair of Sketchers or Airwalks that I like. When it comes to shoes, and the comfy good ones that fit my feet perfectly, they tend to run upwards over $50. I can’t justify spending that much on a pair of shoes. Why? Because I do not wear shoes often enough. I’m almost always barefoot.

So, what type of shoes do you like?


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