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Sing It Loud!


Sing it out loud, and sing it proud, even if it’s not through a microphone from musician’s friend.

She truly is beauty personified. She’s a friend to all animals, and she’s the biggest sweetheart.

If you can’t tell, animals flock to her. She doesn’t need a song to make them love her. They just follow her wherever she goes. Even the ones who are skittish are less skittish with her.

I love this girl! I’m proud to call her my daughter.


Sleepy Saturday

This is what my Saturday consists of:

Lip chewer
Monkey, just chewing on her lip watching Girl Meets World and other such shows on Disney Channel, after she gamed half the day (Neverwinter).

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She’s Mine, For Sure


She doesn’t always look like me. She has a lot of her father’s features.

I can tell she’s mine in the color of her eyes. They’re nearly identical to mine.

But how I can really tell is when she makes her goofy faces. That’s how you can tell.

She’s goofy and she’s crazy. She can be quiet and serious. Don’t try and talk if she’s reading.

That’s how I know she’s mine.


Week in My Life: Week 23


This week included a lot of headaches courtesy of humidity. Blech!


June 02
yeah, I ended up with some sunburn! SO not a pretty sight right now (on Monday ;))
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She’s a Good Dog


This is my FIL’s dog, Suzie. Pooper. Suzie Q. Adorable.

I’m attached to this dog. She’s getting up there in age. She’s a couple of years older than Ethan, in human years, so it’s unsurprising that we’re counting down our time with her.

I love this dog. I could love on her all day long. She was struggling a bit and I kept her company on the walk. I think she appreciated it. Every time I’d rub her and encourage her, she’d trot a little more, get a little more speed. Some pep in her step, so to speak. She’s not seeing too well, and she’s not hearing that great, but she can feel the love in the pets.