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She Be Well

Madison had a doctor’s appointment to get that foot checked. Apparently she’s healing like a champ and doing a wonderful job of taking care of it. Because, you know, we’ve pretty much left it to her. Bad parents, right? I’ll be honest. I only remember that she’s injured when she whines. She’s way too much like her daddy in that aspect. Josh never complains either! Yeah, totally not me. Okay, with the ankle, I got TIRED of not being able to move, and I think I screwed it up more when I did that. Hell, I told Josh I wish I’d re-injure it so I can get it truly fixed. Scary, right?

Anyways. This shot shown? The ONLY semi-decent shot I got. I’m always a shaky mess when I end up at the kids’ doctors’ office. Why? I have no freaking clue. They’re all amazing, and awesome. Yet, I’m a nervous wreck. Maybe that’s why the kids are so calm all the time. I’m the nervous wreck and I zap all of that energy so they never feel it.

That’s what I tell myself at least.

Mirena Update

I gotta say that I love, love, love my Mirena IUD. Yeah, TMI for some, but honestly, never having to worry about birth control is awesome.
I had my check-up on it today, and goodness gracious!! It was less than 5 minutes once the appointment started, woo hoo!! And no internal sonogram, which I was scared of, :lol:.


Ouch!! I’m a little sore right now. As I mentioned, I had my lovely once a year appointment. As a result of that appointment, I’m now the lovely owner of an IUD, Mirena to be exact. OUCH!!

It’s nice to know that I’m safe from having babies, but damn it, now I’m bleeding anew, xD πŸ™‚ I’ll deal because, like I said, I’m safe from having babies πŸ™‚ As I told the doctor, the pain is less than having kids, πŸ˜† πŸ™‚

Making doctors appointments

I’m so not a fan of making phone calls. I have a tendency to babble because I’m nervous. I’ve got a semi-fear of the phone. If I know who I’m talking to, I’m just fine, and I can jabber on for hours. Anything else, and I’m a shaking, quivering mess. So, right now, I’m a shaking, quivering mess because my nerves are shot.

But, the good news is that Ethan is now officially transfered to Dr. Pridgett, at Pediatric Associates, in Topeka, KS. Madison has an appointment in July, for her 5 year check-up, since we’ll be out of town in June for her birthday. Ethan has one 3 days after his third birthday, for his third year check-up. He missed his second year, as did Madi with her 3rd and 4th year, because Medicaid kept screwing with their coverage and their doctors.

Now, I’m waiting on a call back from an gynecologist that’s come highly recommended for me to see, since I’m nervous with doctors. She’s supposed to absolutely be amazing. My sister-in-law saw her until she (SIL) switched insurance providers. My mother-in-law saw her before she passed. My friend, Kristen, has seen her through 3 pregnancies, and 3 cesareans. I should be hearing back sometime tomorrow, since the phones are closed at this point.