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Kit: An Apple a Day by JB Studio
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Week in My Life: Week 24


June 9-15, 2014

Ugh! What a stress ball week! SO OVER IT already!
Ready for something new to begin!


June 09
Midnight Hollow world for The Sims 3 is amazing! Llandros09‘s Let’s Plays for it on YouTube are the best! I love all of his Let’s Plays!

The Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis is TOO AWESOME for words! I love everything about it!
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Bitchy Sarah is Bitchy

I’m so tired of hearing about how Macs and Apple shit is “oh so awesome”. Not everyone is a “Mac” person. And, yes, at times, it does seem elitist to me. Not everyone can afford a $300 phone. Or a $1200 computer. And, NO, I don’t think the money is worth it. Considering the Mac versions of programs are usually $20-$50 on average higher… I prefer my Windows, even when it’s being a pain in the ass. Despite the claims, Macs CAN get viruses.

The kicker? I’d love to have a Mac. I just can’t justify spending *that* much on a computer, ever!

Bullets as a note for blog site owners

  • if there is no way to *scroll* to read comments, you’ll lose readers.
  • If 90% of your entry is ads, you’ll lose readers.
  • If most of your posts are pimping for Apple and a kick in the teeth to anyone who uses other products, you’ll lose readers.
  • If your site refuses to load (or takes forever) because you rely on others to pay for your hosting (because of ads), you’ll lose readers

Then again, you have some people so far up your ass wanting to be you, you wouldn’t pay attention to something like this anyway.

I Has teh Dumb

I thought yesterday was Wednesday. Guess what today is? So, yes, I has teh dumb.

Today Josh is off.
We dropped off Madi, headed to the DMV, didn’t get licenses changed.
We went to ATT store to get me added to the account. :w00t:
Went to Walmart and got apple for Madi’s school.
Came home.

I need a nap.