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Oooh, a toy I want

Josh and I, at one point in time, were discussing MP3 players.

He wants me to “be happy” with the one I get, one that I won’t want to throw in the garbage just days after getting it, :lol:. He knows that I want one where I can surf or play or something besides just listen to music. He’s learned that with the laptop, and with my cellphone. So, he’s thinking iPod touch. Sadly, the cheapest one is a bit more than we can afford, especially since we need a camera more, 🙁
So, now we’re thinking iPod NaNo. He keeps going “are you sure you want an iPod?”, and after hearing the raves over the Apple Support, verses any other company. I know for damn sure I don’t want a Zune. The fact that I would “rent” the music. Oh hell no. I pay enough for music as it is (when I pay for it ;)). Anyways, I’ve looked at a few Sansa‘s, but I’m not sure I like them. Yes, I’m a little bit picky.

What type of MP3 players do you prefer?