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Project Life: Fitness Edition


Friday, I joined a gym. A legit gym. I have access to multiple locations, and most are 24/7.
I have no more excuses, though I’m not looking to make any.
And now, I have friends to join in! We’re doing this together!


Curse Words Might Have Left My Mouth

We live in an apartment complex. The parking is first come, first serve.

But, we’ve been living here for 10 years. We’ve been parking at the end, not even in front of our building but away for the past, oh, six, seven years?

And a couple times a month, a certain jerk who visits ANOTHER building DIAGONAL with parking in front of THEIR building, always parks in the spot I always park.

So, I dropped the eff bomb when I saw her parked there. Again.


Oh Well

I’m not going to hit 10k today. But I’m not going to stress on it. I accomplished A LOT today and that’s truly what matters.


I had to do some grocery shopping, but before I did, I made sure I unloaded the dishes from the dishwasher. They were ran the night before, so they were clean. WOO!

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I Quit


Yeah, that’s a glowing red heating element broke. It caught fire, as well.

Lovely. Glad I looked when I did or it would have been a lot worse. A LOT.

I hate fire. Very much.

House Talks Again


DSC01257 (Photo credit: TM2TS)

The apartment below us has 5 adults, minimum, and 2 kids living in it. It’s a three-bedroom apartment. You can imagine how many vehicles they’re using (meaning parking spots). Here’s a hint. Each adult has their own, PLUS they have a spare, and they all park in front of the building, that barely has enough room for 1.5 adults per apartment (8 apartments, and only about 13 spots in front of the apartment, including 2 for only a specific apartment, and one for handicapped). Below us is SO bad that they’re like “I don’t care, I’m going to park in the handicapped spot”. They use their PARENTS’ handicapped parking window thing. Yeah. They’re freaking awesome.

So, while we’re not looking to find outer banks foreclosures (too far away), we’d really like to get the heck out of dodge, and yesterday!