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Still Not a Fan

Elephants are just to capture your attention

Yeah, I guess I could get used to how this block editing works, but UGH! I’m so used to how everything looks in a WYSIWYG editor, and easily slipping into the HTML and making things just perfect!

It’s annoying to not have the ability to completely control how everything looks, but I’m going to force myself to use it!

I at least got this video to finally get edited!

It took me way too freaking long to get that stupid video to render! Every. Program. Would. Crash! I finally got it to work in Adobe Rush, and I’m so happy I did, because I also learned that they finally added in some features that kept me from using it before!

Now, I’m hoping to get back to regular blogging. My goal for 2020 with this is to blog at least three times a week!


Currently List: December 30, 2014 – January 05, 2015


Ethan watched Mythbusters over … and over … and over! Oh my god, I was so ready for it to end!

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My Brain Thinks

I hear Kettlebells and I think Kettle Corn. Which makes me think of popcorn. Which makes me hungry.

Am I the only one who’s brain immediately turns everything and anything into food?

And now I’m dealing with a kid pitching a fit because I’m not jumping up to feed him. He’s screeching “I wanna be quiet” which makes no sense at all to me. Anyone want to adopt him? He’s house-trained!