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Day in the Life: FAILED

Today just wasn’t a good day to do the Day in the Life.

Sore throat from sinus drainage. Joy. #adayinthelife #dayinthelife #adayinthelife2015 #dayinthelife2015

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Wordless Wednesday

A Hop & A Skip

My cute kids ... E's jacket is new

Winter is no longer here, but we’re still having some chilly mornings. We’re not complaining, but I think we need to look into coat racks.

Josh is back to work, thankfully. He’s feeling a lot better Open-mouthed smile I’m glad for that.

I think I’m going to have to break down and take some allergy meds though. I’m waking up barely able to breathe through my nose because of sinus pressure. Ugh! I hate it. I just absolutely HATE it!

Weekly Winners – April 08-14, 2012


All shots taken with a Canon Rebel XS, Sony Cybershot DSCW120, Kodak EasyShare C195, or the HTC Inspire 4G Android Phone. More can be found on my Flickr account

Oh yeah, time for Photo a Day photos and the rest of the winners.
Remember what happened Sunday? Yeah, EASTER pictures Open-mouthed smile
And there are some cloud shots, and even some shots of Madi and her friends. I didn’t take the pictures, but they’re really good Open-mouthed smile Madi had a Girl Scout function in Kansas City at Great Wolf Lodge.
Now, hopefully, when this posts, I’m not dead or without power. I’m not sure which will be worse, but SEVERE STORMS in Kansas! Surprised smile Sad smile Crying face

Photo a Day Photos

inside my walleta younger mecold
where I eat breakfaststairs
something I foundUntitled

  • Inside My Wallet
  • younger me. I’m the one in the slippers dangling
  • cold (water washing)
  • Where I ate breakfast (I ended up having to toss the cereal Sad smile)
  • Stairs (and beautiful kiddos)
  • Something I found (Ethan couldn’t find a Kreo piece he needed. Open-mouthed smile)
  • How I feel today … I wished the root beer was actual beer (and I no like beer)

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Less Words Wednesday

Clouds in the sky #marchphotoaday

Life hasn’t been that great the past few days. Saturday: ended up with a migraine (not eating, lots of noise, VERY busy)

  • Sunday: spent all day in bed recovering from the migraine
  • Monday: Field Trip to TPAC with the oldest. SO much fun.
  • Tuesday: Ended up sick due to allergies
  • Today (Wednesday): Still sick but allergy meds seem to be helping.

So, not lots of blogging happened. My phone has a WordPress app, but I’m considering deleting it, simply because it doesn’t work the same way as the Windows 7 app did. Meaning I can’t upload a picture with a post without TAKING a new picture. I don’t like that. It just doesn’t work the way I need it to.

Anyways, back to blogging. I’ve got some catching up to do!