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A Nice Day Off


Josh is on vacation this week. Lucky bastard and all that πŸ˜€ Today, I was finally off. I like my job, but damn, I was ready for a day to sleep in.

Not that THAT happened! We had to drop the truck off at the dealer because my battery gauge kept jumping around. It’s something we should watch but the part to fix alone is almost $600, and since it isn’t HURTING the truck while it’s in use, we don’t have to fix it. Same with the MAF sensor and the ABS brain πŸ˜† Truck will be getting upgraded in a couple years, and according to Kelly Blue Book, is only worth a little over $4k, with a trade-in value barely over $2k πŸ˜†

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A Wonderful Saturday

Today was another DAY OFF for Josh. He took it off. He had originally planned for it to follow his old route’s day off, which was Thursday, so he’d have Thurs-Sun off. New route had Tuesday off, and he was sick Wednesday, so he worked Saturday, Monday, Thursday this week. Thank GOD for paid vacation time and sick time. Or else we’d be going “oh hell!” πŸ˜€
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Friday Five – Cooking

From the AltFriday5:

1. Do you like to cook? If so, what?

I’m not the greatest of cooks, but I definitely do like to cook. I love to cook whatever my family is craving at the time πŸ™‚

2. If you do like to cook, have you always or when did you start? If you don’t like to cook, have you tried it without success or simply never gotten into it, or …?

I think I’ve always liked to cook. I’ve never really been great, but I love to do it anyway.

3. What’s the most ambitious-for-you dish you’ve ever prepared? How’d it come out?

Most ambitious? I think it would be the lasagna that completely and totally failed, :lol:.

4. Have there been fears, hesitations, or items of squeamishness you’ve struggled with in cooking?

Oh yeah, but who hasn’t. I’m always scared it’s going to taste bad. Or scared that I’m going to burn it. I also HATE cutting chicken because of the smell and the sliminess. I make Josh do it every time πŸ˜‰

5. If you could learn to prepare one food perfectly the way you like it every time, what would it be?

Oh man, I would have to say either alfredo, the homemade way, or something seafood-related, since my whole family loves both πŸ™‚