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Random Writings

I wrote this last night … on my phone, and e-mailed it to myself, Laughing out loud

She looked around. She had heard a sound but no one and nothing was there. She shook her head at herself. She was developing delusions, seeing figures in the shadows, and hearing voices in the winds. She wished that she lived a normal life, one without all the fear and the craziness. She wished she lived a life that didn’t involve all the self doubt that she currently battled.

I have no idea what it goes with but I’m thinking it’s probably the start of Trellyn’s story Surprised smile … No, I still haven’t finished Alestra or Temper’s stories Surprised smile

My characters

Meet Cullum and Alestra.
Oh boy!!

I don’t know what you mean. He looks nothing like Josh Duhamel.


Now to work on the rest of them, :lol:.