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I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

There was a discussion on Plurk about perimenopause and when its too early. Josh and I have also been discussing wrinkles and aging. Oy! I feel like I’m too young got be researching wrinkle creams, but I guess I’m not. I will be thirty in 17 months. I prefer to say 17 months over one year and 5 months. Feels longer, 😆 I guess it also means I need to watch what I’m eating, huh?

Skin Wrinkles

There’s supposedly a new treatment out for wrinkles: prototype 37c. Have you heard of it? Me neither.

Reminds me of something I read somewhere though: some sunscreens, instead of protecting you from UV rays and the cancers that can be caused by them, can also cause cancer themselves. Weirdest thing ever? The stuff they tested was mainly, with make-up, the anti-aging/making you look younger types of make-up.

Oh, and I found out Neutrogena can cause fertility issues. Wow. WEIRD!


I am so feeling my age today. It definitely is not feeling like spring this past week and this coming week. I’m used to it starting to heat up right now. We’re talking Madi is spending most of the week in PANTS because the temps are too chilly in the morning for her to be wearing shorts. Even in a jacket, we’re both shivering. I’m hoping this’ll keep me from wrinkle cream reviews for a bit, because, ugh, I’m not ready to age!

California’s Full of Whiskey and Gold

No, that has nothing to do with anything. Just something that’s stuck in my head! Anyways, I’ve teased my dad that he’s gonna have to look into senior life insurance soon. He is gonna be 52 this year!! It’s my job, as his oldest {and most loved :P} daughter, to tease the crap out of him. It keeps his mind sharp and able.

All kidding aside, I adore my dad, and I seriously can’t believe that he’s actually in his 50s! He doesn’t seem it to me, but I guess, since I’m going to be 29 this year, that he has to age along with me!

I’m not old, you are …

I’m hoping to avoid looking into dermitage reviews until I’m at least 30, maybe 40, if I’m lucky. I mean, I have the skin of a thirteen-year-old going through puberty, so I should be good for awhile, right? Or am I going to go from zitty to wrinkles and chin hairs in a matter of months?

Man, can you see where my brain has been going lately? I’m so stressing over getting old. I think it has to do with Ethan turning five. 🙁 I didn’t want him to do it.