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Re-Watching a Classic

Today was my Sunday. We went to the pool and I spent all day reading. Oh trust me, it was a blast for me. I enjoyed every second of it. I let the kids just have fun and I just enjoyed some quiet time in the sun but in the shade.

This week, after seeing a Facebook notice from The CW, I have been watching a show I haven’t seen in years (it’s been off the air for 11 years!).

Everwood was an amazing show. I haven’t seen these episodes in years (as I said, 11 years since it was actually on TV), but I’m going “Hey, I remember that! This happened next!” and I’m only into the 9th episode of the first season.

It was a show that stuck with you. It was where I personally learned to love Chris Pratt. It was before he was on The OC, Parks and Recreation, even as Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Everwood was a GREAT show, and you should really take advantage of the totally free viewing off all the seasons, right now, on the CW Seed!

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