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Advertisement: April Addicts

Purchase your membership before the 1st of April, and you can get this awesome membership for ONLY $6! AND you get a FREE mini just for purchasing your membership!

The Membership comes with:
1. Instant access to April Bytes
2. A Full FREE, never before released kit
3. Lots of Chatting
4. Exclusive Speed Scrap
5. Coupons just for members!

So go HERE and purchase your membership before the price goes up to $9.00!

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Photo Hunt: Advertisements

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Kids Advertising
I love Toys ‘R Us. Their ads are geared towards kids when it comes to birthdays 🙂

Advertising Holton
A magnet of Holton businesses. Yeah, we don’t really use them for anything 😆


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EntreCard, a personal review

I will not be linking. I refuse to link to them.

Not all of the users of EntreCard are this way, but a big portion of them just regurgitate the same information over and over, repetitively. If ProBlogger, or another similar in popularity blog, posts something, those other blogs all have to repost it, nearly word for word over and over again.

Then you get the ones who spam for advertisements. Meaning, as soon as you deny, they IMMEDIATELY request again, no matter how many times you say no.

I got tired of it, and was going to wait until current campaigns were done running, and made the feelings known in my advertisement page. Did that make a difference? No. Eight of the same exact sites, repeatedly, kept spamming the advertisement box.

So, I got sick of it and removed both entrecards, and will not be going back. I’m sorry to those that felt they lost out, but honestly, the site has pissed me off for awhile, and now, instead of dwelling on it, I’m refusing to have anything to do with them.


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