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Someone is SO BEHIND …

on Scrapbooking that is!!

  1. Day 03 for December Daily
  2. Day 08 for December Daily
  3. Day 09 for December Daily
  4. Day 10 for December Daily
  5. Day 11 for December Daily
  6. Day 12 for December Daily
  7. Day 13 for December Daily
  8. Day 14 for December Daily
  9. Day 15 for December Daily
  10. Day 16 for December Daily
  11. Day 17 for December Daily
  12. Day 18 for December Daily
  13. Day 19 for December Daily
  14. Day 20 for December Daily
  15. Day 21 for December Daily
  16. Day 22 for December Daily
  17. Day 23 for December Daily
  18. Week 42
  19. Week 43
  20. Week 44
  21. Week 45
  22. Week 46
  23. Week 47
  24. Week 48
  25. Week 49
  26. Week 50
  27. Desktop challenge, so I have a nice layout to start 2015

So, does anyone wanna help me with scrapping? I think I’m really going to need it ๐Ÿ˜†

December Daily Layouts: Days 04-07

Yes, these are getting scrapped out of order. I’m doing them as I’m inspired. It’s all about each day, special moments. I’m getting the pictures. I’m capturing the normalness of the holidays. Some people do so much, all day, every day, during December, but I’m not like that. We’re not like that. We prefer to chill and relax. There’s enough craziness without adding more to it.

Kit: Christmas Countdown by JB Studios
Template: That Silly Elf by LissyKay

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30 Days of Lists! + Other Layouts

I’m doing 30 Days of Lists. That much is true. I’m also doing December Daily! Everything is being done digitally. It’s just so much easier for me!

My cover! I love it!
Kit: December 2014 Buffet, pieces by Aprilisa, Connie Prince, and Kathryn Estry
Template: Feeling Festive by LissyKay Designs
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Happy Mail

The landscape looks inviting when you look at it the right way. Ethan’s Advent Calendar by Lego is going to be a lot of fun to play with! I have a lot of ideas on what to do with it when it comes to pictures. Ethan is going to have fun, too, I think!

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December Daily: Day 02

Woo! I’ve made it for a second day! I was able to do a video! I took the pictures. I even scrapped the calendar!

First, the video!

Note: If you don’t see anything, it’s because it’s still processing!

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