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Once again No Blog

I have no real excuse.
Sunday? Mother’s Day (Weekly Winners was pre-posted Smile with tongue out)
Monday? Um, I don’t even remember Surprised smile
Tuesday? Hmm… that’s a good question.
Wednesday? Field Trip to Bonkers resulted in a migraine. Oh yay.

Speaking of migraines… guess what I have now, again?

But, I’m trucking along with ADSR Open-mouthed smile 7.3 is completed and accepted. 7.4 is done, but I can’t share it until tomorrow!! It’s a Fresh Baked goodie from Gingerscraps (the store Open-mouthed smile … but we’re working on making Ginger come back to designing Smile with tongue out She has a new computer. She’s out of excuses Winking smile Winking smile Smile Open-mouthed smile)

Kit: The Good Life by Inspired Designs
Stamp: created by me Open-mouthed smile

ADSR: 7.1 & Detour #1

I’m taking part in ADSR, again. We’re the Mayhem Mommas, me and Kimmy 😀

That sentence looks off, but I don’t care. 😛

Anyways, I also needed to scrap some of the Back to Basics pictures that I took 😀

ADSR Detour #1: Make New Friends

Kit: Scouting is Fun by Connie Prince

It’s the 100-year anniversary of Girl Scouts, and I’m a Daisy leader.
I couldn’t resist, since I just came back from Back to Basics with the girls, including my daughter, doing this with a song from the Daisy Guidebook: Make New Friends
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ADSR is at an End

So is school and Brownies. So, I have 3 layouts for all three of those Smile

How did you show your appreciation to the teachers in your life?

Template: On the Grid by Creations by Julie
Kit: My Wish For Your by Connie Prince

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And The Race Is On and It Feels Like Heartache

And the winner loses all! Sorry, song is stuck in my little ol’ head, Laughing out loudadsr12

A Week in the Life of JOSH! For ADSR #13 Smile

Kit is Scrap Your Life Mega by the Gingerscraps designers. It was created through-out 2010, to encourage people to take part in Project 365. Smile

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ADSR #10 & #11

Kit: My Family, My Heart by Unforgettable Moments

This was an “intersection” challenge, meaning Kimmy and I worked together on this. I created the layout, and Kimmy gave three lines (first three) and “Family Matters” part of the title

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