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A Big Break

No, don’t worry, I’m not taking a break from anything. Yesterday, though, I took a big break from the PC. I spent a grand total of 15 minutes on it all day yesterday 🙂 Josh had it for the rest of the day. I played on the Wii all day. I enjoyed myself too. I’ve played MySims for about 12 hours now. I’m up to Star Level 4 🙂 The game is crack, I’m telling you!!

Saturday, I updated Sigs ‘n More with 3 new tags. They’re not Halloween-related, so if you’re not a fan of Halloween, check them out 🙂 Heck, even if you are, check them out.

Today is going to be a quiet somber day. Today’s marks the first full year without Josh’s mom, Kathy. When the kids do something hilarious, I still get the urge to call her and tell her about it. Josh still gets choked up at the thought of his mom missing so much. The good news is that we can still feel her around us. Little subtle things that say that she’ll always be with us. While it hurts to know that she’s gone, it’s good to know that she’s still with us.

On a random note: we cleaned last night (well, yesterday too), and Ethan’s just now noticing that the table is clean. He’s going “Wow” as he moves his Elmo placemat around on it, XD Oh, and the Colts ROCK!! They won against Tampa Bay without Addai and Harrison who were out due to injuries.

Colts, PSP, Life

First off, the game last night? Farking awesome!! :football: At first it looked like the Colts weren’t going to do so well. I mean, come on, Addai “injured” in the first play of the game?!?! That was NUTS!! Thankfully, he just had the wind knocked out of him. The game went pretty well. The Colts didn’t block that great in the first half, but BAM! Second half comes around, and it’s like it’s a whole new team. They walloped the shit out of the Saints. They wouldn’t let ANYONE through. After that first touchdown and field goal, ha ha, the Saints were SCREWED! GO COLTS!!!

Onto PSP. :psp: I’m currently installing the newest version: X2, :lol:. I’m liking the design so far, though I haven’t played with it at all, ROFL. Gonna work on it ASAP, well, as soon as it installs, XD. After playing with PSP for so much, I’m not so much :photoshop: any more 🙁 It’s kind of sad, but Photoshop just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Plus the price? RIDICULOUS!! Its insane how much they’re charging. Over $1000 for one progam. WTF? Oh hell no!!

What’s life? Life is doing pretty good. Mark and JuJu came over last night 🙂 We had pizza. *mmmm* Pizza! We all actually watched the game. From what I could tell, Julie was actually starting to get into it, XD. Poor thing couldn’t choose between the Colts and the Saints. Why? Because both teams had Kansas State players, :lol:. She ended up rooting for the Colts, but I wonder if that was because they were walloping the Saints, XD.

Anyways, I think that’s it for now 🙂