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Long Time, No Blog

Ugh, dealing with a headache right now.
Or it might be a migraine, since it’s lasted longer than a day.


This was before I went for a 2 mile walk! With a friend. Around the lake. We went Pokemon hunting.

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Busy, Busy Thursday

Thursday, April 16, 2009

  • Post a post
  • Take a picture
  • Work out with Maya
  • Get to work on my 13 scrap pages

I don’t think working out is going to happen today, though. I just do not feel that great. I ache from head to toe. I’m exhausted, though I got plenty of sleep last night [I konked before midnight]. I just, ugh, do not feel good today. Them outside mowing is so not making me feel any better.


I seriously just need a nap. Good night!
Also, I’m just now getting hungry, as at least I know I don’t need an appetite suppressant to make myself skinny. Sickness is doing it all on its own.

*holds head*

My jaw is causing my head to ache. It’s the weather temps (mid-to-low 80’s to mid-70’s all week, which is nice, but sucks for arthritis-type pain :(). I hate pain, I hate my jaw. Anyone want to switch jaws with me, just until next summer when temps don’t affect it?

Josh, at least, isn’t freaking out over me getting PSP X2. His first question was “Is it beta?”, XD, because I told him I got the beta version of Safari. He, at first, was thinking it was that (Safari) that caused the drives to disappear. Yeah, a browser, installed on the I-drive, not C, will cause problems. Considering the computer still has the drivers, but not seeing the drives themselves. Something to do with a plug-and-play device (figures with XP, :lol:).

I’m feeling so not-productive today, XD. I’m feeling super lazy, super funked out. I feel a bit light-headed, which freaking sucks. Is it Sunday yet? I’m feeling the need to take my pills again, :lol:.