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Pleased With Myself

I got 3 loads of laundry folded and put away, including sorting socks

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11 December, 2016 · 9:46 pm

Currently … Inspired

Watching: X-Files … yes, I’m still marathoning it 😀
Listening: Dirty Jobs … the kids were watching it.
Reading: The Blackstone Heir … it took me 4 days to read it. :O
Loving: Spring Break … we’re all just loving it, I think 😀
Feeling: Less than energetic … sleep hasn’t been coming easily
Admiring: Right Here Right Now kit by Inspired Designs … I need to use it more 😀
Contemplating: Cleaning, but I don’t wanna do it … really, who does?

Card: http://store.gingerscraps.net/RIGHT-HERE.-RIGHT-NOW.-TODAY-Pocket-Cards-2.html, an add-on to Right Here Right Now by Inspired Designs

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17 March, 2015 · 8:14 pm

What I’ve Done Today

I’ve been busy today. Time to relax for a bit. And I’ll share it with bullet-points XD

  • Did 30 minutes of flex training
  • 30 minutes of upper body
  • 80 sit-ups [including 20 of them on the stability ball]
  • 10 modified push-ups [knees and wrists can’t do full-on]
  • Washed and folded laundry
  • Imported 3 Joey CDs into iTunes [now have 1768 items for 4.8 days of no repeats]
  • Fixed and ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner [accomplishment for me]

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