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Week in the Life – Saturday

Screenshot-5I am writing this at just after midnight, though you won’t have a chance of reading it until, well, whatever time I set it to pre-post. Sundays are a busy time for us (mostly grocery shopping and catching up on stuff that fell by the wayside during the week).

Saturday was hectic-ish. The morning was go-go-go. Simply because the Boy had a Boy Scout popcorn selling gig at the local Lowe’s at noon. That meant leaving by 11:30, just to make sure we were there a little early. 😀

I really, really, really didn’t want to wake up. I spent an hour or so reading in bed. My nose is all sorts of red and swollen because I was crying. Like full-on bawling at the story I was reading Star Trek: Voyager: Homecoming: Pt.1. I’ve READ IT BEFORE, but I’d just finished re-watching the series again on Netflix (seriously, you need to watch Star Trek Voyager if you’ve never seen it!)

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A Week in My Life: Friday

Adventuroo WIML friday

I made a comment today to my husband that this week for A Week in the Life was perfect timing. Usually, there’s absolutely nothing going on. The kids would be at school, and I’d be home alone. Instead, the kids had a short week of school, and we’ve got the Husband Guy home. I’m LOVING this week. I thought it would drive me nuts, and there are times when it has, but honestly, I adore that he’s home. I miss him when he’s at work all the time.


Fridays means that I have to wake up really freaking early, so that we can get the Gingerscraps newsletter sent at a decent time. My awesome possum partner-in-crime was amazing enough to make sure she texted me because I was NOT going to want to wake up. I Red heart that I’m able to do that stuff Open-mouthed smile

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Weekly Winners: August 26-September 01, 2012

All shots taken with a Canon Rebel XS, Sony Cybershot DSCW120, Kodak EasyShare C195, or the HTC Inspire 4G Android Phone. More can be found on my Flickr account. You can also follow my P365 blog, where I attempt to post pictures at least once a week!

Well, Ethan had his first sick day. Stupid back to school sickness.
I also broke out the Rebel, as well. And it wasn’t to take pictures of clouds!!

Photo a Day

Day 26: Dream
Day 26: Dream
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Down the Baby Rabbit Hole

Abby Dabby

I don’t have a need for UPPAbaby strollers or anything baby related. My baby-making/carrying/etc days are over. Fully over. It doesn’t mean that I don’t mind looking at the baby stuff and going “Gah, why didn’t they have that when my kids were babies?”

I find myself saying that over and over again. More and more often.

I’m thankful I have friends with babies though. They don’t stay that way for long though.

Kids have to stop growing up so fast!

She’s So Precious


At some point, I’ll be taking pictures of this little girl more often Open-mouthed smile

Who is this? This is my “niece”, Abby. Her momma is, as we put it “The sister God screwed us out of” Laughing out loud What that means basically is that we have similar issues with our siblings, and our lives would have been simpler if we’d just been born sisters.

But, I’m ecstatic to be able to call her a friend. I was one of the first who found out about Abby. Like moments AFTER the test Smile with tongue out

And the sibling that was lost before Abby came along.

I was in the wedding. Well, my whole family was, but still Open-mouthed smile

I feel so blessed to be even a bystander on the upbringing of this little girl. She’s so precious, and adorable, and man, when she gets happy, the world knows. And when she’s tired, she cuddles so sweetly.