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Day in the Life: FAILED

Today just wasn’t a good day to do the Day in the Life.

Sore throat from sinus drainage. Joy. #adayinthelife #dayinthelife #adayinthelife2015 #dayinthelife2015

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30 Days of Lists for March 2015

30 days of Lists Title Card

I’m so excited for 30 Days of Lists! I love doing these! Wish me luck that I stay on top of them, too!

I can’t give you any hints on what each day is going to be about, but I think they’re going to be pretty good. I haven’t looked at all.


Week 41 + Another

Kit: Favorite Fast Food by Whimpychompers
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Project: Life {Week 33}

First day of school, first week of school. Life is life. 😀

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A Week in My Life + A Day In My Life

Thursday, I participated in “Day in My Life”, hosted by Allie Edwards, and I had a blast! When I remembered to take pictures! So, Thursday is going to be very much full of pictures. The rest of the week, not so much.

I missed last week, but I won’t go back and share that. Sorry if you are disappointed (though I doubt anyone is, Laughing out loud

Monday, May 05

May 05
Each morning (most anyways, during the school week), a few of the neighbor kids come over before school. Their parents have to be at work before 7am, and before school care doesn’t start until after 7. So, I watch them until it’s time to get on the bus. We’ve taken to watching movies. Nice way to go through our collection! Monday, we watched Pete’s Dragon (High-Flying Edition). The kids were quiet on this morning but that was because two of them were at their dad’s (they’re a blended family).  Continue reading