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I Got In a Workout!

First, I got to see how well my HR monitors all matched up. The treadmill reading is the most accurate because it was picking up my Polar H10. I’m happy with those results!

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14 June, 2018 · 10:54 pm

March is Nearly Over

Weekly Kickstart by Inkwell Press. Stickers are from Me and My Big Ideas.

Life is going to be slower this week. After the insanity that was last week, I need that break!

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26 March, 2017 · 10:50 pm

So … Saturday

Saturday, I walked a water version of a 5k. 5k in steps! <3

28240965952_3bbc07875d_z.jpg 28240975052_4bb4923689_z.jpg 27728446544_a2372755bc_z.jpg 28310861726_e81e94aab3_k.jpg 27728462803_5a87677a49_k.jpg

My husband did an amazing job taking pictures!

I did a thing. A Water 5K. 21 laps around the lazy river. I went against the current. I got some blisters.
But I did it. 52 minutes or so.
My feet hurt.
I bought a Frappe.
I went back to the pool later. This time, I’m just gonna float.

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The Struggle of Writing


I do not know where I am going to go with this story, or if I am going to go anywhere with it. I just want to find something that sucks me in and gets me going. I have yet to find it. I have yet to find my groove and that really bothers me. That is what is bothering me the most, I think. I am just stuck. SO very much stuck. I hate this and I hate that. I hate it all. This is the first year that I have hated my story so much. And it is not that I hate the story. It is just that I am having issues finding a place to get sucked into it. I do not know what I want to do. I just do not know what I want to do. That is the problem. That is always the problem. I wish someone could just write the story for me. Or at least, the very least, get me to a spot where I am not stuck. That would be the best part, I think. Just help me get unstuck. That would be a big help. A huge help to me, for sure.

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7 November, 2015 · 10:31 pm