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30 Days of Lists: Days 04-08

List 4 Favorite Tools
04: Tools I Create With

  1. Ziva the ‘Shiba
  2. Canon EOS Rebel XS 1000D
  3. HTC Inspire
  4. Photoshop Elements
  5. HP Photosmart D110
  6. Writing Utensils
  7. Whatever I can find

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30 Days of Lists – Days 01-03

Big Header M14

I’m a late starter on this! I have the pictures, but I’m going to also write them out, because the pictures aren’t perfect!

List 1 Add Magic
01: Make My Life Magical

  1. Smile and Laugh more
  2. Dream big!
  3. Be colorful, even if it’s just with my pens!
  4. Color with crayons, with my children
  5. Soak in the bath for more than just itchy skin relief

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