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Things Are Changing

Not a huge way. Just a little. Though not so little.

IMG_0655I think I’ve mentioned the new way of doing things with the laptop. You can see the keyboard I’m currently typing on tucked up in there. 😀

But now, I have a little drawer system that needs to fit in a small space.

IMG_0654.JPGThis spot, right there, is where it will end up. It will fit. I just have to stop being lazy and actually clean that area up. Then I have to figure out how I want to use the storage unit.

But I’ll get it done. Eventually. I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend!



Day 02 completed … I’m SO SORE

This is me, post workout. Can you tell that I was trying not to cry? Shaun T does that to me!

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Project 2016 & Another

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Weather Around the World

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The week of “Netflix and Chill”. I got hooked on “Bitten”, originally on SyFy and it was really good. I got a new app on my phone for “inappropriate” weather commentary. They’re too funny and they make the weather temps a little easier to tolerate. It’s too cold to go out, but at least we now have a working light in the kitchen, and it uses a “sunlight” bulb. I like the light that it gives off. It feels softer. I actually want to be in the kitchen now!

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Oh, These Are Good

I found out about an app that let’s you screencap your videos on your phone. It’s called Video to Picture (Android). I decided to do it with my most recent driving vlog (today’s), and OH GOODNESS, I make some great faces, 😆


There is always something in my eye when I drive! I didn’t have any fans or windows open!

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