This is WRONG

Duane “Dog” Chapman was arrested earlier this afternoon on a warrant from MEXICO! Mexico barely scraped by with the 3 year statute of limitations and issued the warrant. According to a phone conversation from Beth, the US Marshalls slammed Baby Lisa’s boyfriend to the ground, and busted down the door. Dog wasn’t even up yet. No knocks, no nothing, with the kids still inside, getting ready for school.

Is it just me, or is the biggest bunch of BS ever.

Walmart … you fail at life

It’s been confirmed: Walmart is doing away with layaway. They’ve implemented cards that you get “immediate” approval with little to no interest, or so they claim. Yes, the same ones that associates cannot get. Why? Because they don’t make enough or some shit like that. That was the reason Josh was given when he got denied. So, later on, Josh and Mark plan on looking for new jobs. Joy of joys. I hate that fucking company.

Today’s Mark and JuJu’s cook-out. The day I’ve gotta pretend to be married to Josh *snort*. Other than that, not much else going on. I do have a few more tags to add to SnM later on today 🙂 YAY!!

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Tomorrow, Mark and Julie are hosting a barbeque at their place. Mark’s family is coming over (neighbor, not Josh’s dad). Well, one of his grandmothers is one of those “must be married” fanatics, so Josh and I have to “pretend” that we’re married. That, in my opinion, isn’t exactly fair to ask us to do that, but because I care a lot about Mark and Julie, I’ll be going along with it. Josh and I, in our hearts, are as married as can be. As a friend mentioned, and this was a quote from their pastor: “If you don’t feel guilty about it, God’s not going to hold it over your head.” That, all and in of itself made me feel so good. Also, the fact that there are Christians out there who believe in the “hate the sin, not the sinner” and actually practice what they preach makes me believe that maybe, just maybe, the fanatics will get their come-uppance, and will wonder why they’re still on this earth after the actual Christians who followed and practiced true love and forgivenss have been taken away.

Okay, enough philosophical speaking for me. That scared me.

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Looking at things

Josh and I are getting new phones for tax return. I’m “in charge” of choosing the phone. Since we don’t have to go through Walmart’s wireless center to get the 8% employee discount on service, I’m looking at’s site for phones. I’ve got it narrowed down to 1, :lol:, but Josh still has to approve: Sony Ericsson Z525a. It’s an awesome phone, and we can get it for $30 if we order it online. SWEET!! Since we already have our SIM cards and all that jazz, that’s a really nice deal 🙂

Next thing I’ve gotta check out is desks and entertainment centers (ours is quite wobbly and I don’t feel safe with the kids) and a new stereo system. Ours is awesome, but recently, just recently, started not playing CD’s anymore 🙁 Oh well, now I can get one that plays MP3’s, so I don’t have to convert and revert to WAV and MP3 all the damn time. We’re also looking at another VCR/DVD player combo for the living room, and moving the one in the living room now to our bedroom. Madi’s getting a TV and DVD player from my parents, so that’ll be 3 TVs and 3 DVD players in the apartment, not including the PC.

On the graphics card, we’ve decided to hit Best Buy (no Circuit City or anything like that here in Topeka O.o) for it, since we can get a) a better deal and b) a better selection. Unless gets some decent ones, we’ll be doing it there 🙂

Today’s plans:
1. Things for SnM
2. Install Glamour Life (squishes for Josh)
3. Laundry
4. Dishes gag

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