Not Shaping Up Well

Today, so far, isn’t good. Josh’s mom is in an ambulance on her way from Holton Hospital to Stormont Veil. All we know right now is that she can’t breathe, and it’s not sounding good, if Mark’s voice is anything to go by. The kids (Josh, Jesse, Jamie) are being called to SV right now. Please, keep the Harlow family in your thoughts and prayers today. Updates will come as soon as they are available.


This week and next, Josh works overnights. Poor guy is going to be EXHAUSTED. Thankfully, the week after that, it won’t be a huge change from it, since he’ll be working 1-10 most of those days since Jack’ll be off. The week of Halloween, starting the 26th, he’ll be off, until Nov. 4 dances for vacation. dances some more Next year, he’ll be bumped up to three weeks, and I so cannot wait. Here’s the schedule: Off today, Sunday through Thursday he works 9pm to 6am, the off Friday and Saturday, then repeat the Sun-Thurs 9pm to 6am (could be as late at 7 or 8 both weeks), off Friday and then unknown for Saturday and Sunday, Monday-Wed is 1pm-10pm and then OFF FOR 9 DAYS!!

Today is shaping to be a shitty day. Ethan’s already in total fit mode. Josh has to go fax something at his parents’ house, and Ethan’s not going (Josh is taking Madi), and he’s not happy about it. I’m going deaf as we speak listening to the fit he’s throwing. I’ve never seen a child throw this big of a fit, and that’s saying something. It’s actually quite amazing. Just when you think he’s starting to calm down, he gears up for more. I put him in his crib for his own safety (he tried to throw himself out the window earlier), and my own sanity. Anyone want a very pissed-off 18-month-old? I’ll sell him cheap.

Today, and the rest of this week, I’m hoping to work on WordPress Themes. I’m open for suggestions, if you’ve got any. 🙂 I’ll take any, except, please, no Halloween themes. By the time I get them ready to be sold, the holiday will already either have come and gone, or else it’ll be too close for anyone to want them. I’m also going to be working on mood theme icons. Any ideas on those would be great, along with the moods that would be most used. THANKS!!

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Time For Some Skin

Yes, those are stretch marks. Ethan got BIG! I never had them with Madi.

This is a part of Half-Naked-Thursday. We show off naked bits of skin. Me, I’ll try not to get too sexual with it, but I might run out of places, 😆


Man, I was so happy about my phone and now I find out that I have to have a seperate phone to get my MP3’s as ringtones and such 🙁 That freaking sucks and is false advertising. NOWHERE on Cingular’s nor Motorola’s site, nor in the manual, does it say that I’m gonna have to shell out $40 for a company not associated with Motorola or Cingular just so that I can have custom stuff on my phone. 🙁 That bites completely.

To make my day even worse, we get a letter from Healthwave/SRS saying they need copies of the kids birth certificates to prove that they’re legal citizens. WTF? They fucking PAID for Ethan’s birth and now they need proof. This is fucking ridiculous. Ethan might have an ear infection (he’s irritable and keeps pulling on it), and Madi STILL hasn’t had her 3 year check-up because of Josh’s schedule. It finally settles back down and BAM! I can’t make an appointment without her insurance cards. So looks like she’s going to have to wait another month for that. Fucking retarded state-funded pieces of shits. We need fucking universal healthcare in this god-damn country and NOW. I’m tired of this shit, every 6 months having to PROVE that we can’t get health coverage for the kids ($200 a month through Walmart would KILL us).

In good news, though, we have to EAT to be able to package up the meat for the freezer, :lol:. The freezer is PACKED. *dances* And, if you want some damn good pizza, try Digorno’s Garlic Bread pizza. *YUM* We got me 24 20 oz bottles of water (Sam’s Choice) for $5 *dances* and also got some single serve packets of Crystal Light. I’m drinking Raspberry Ice right now and I’m in HEAVEN! Yum oh yum! We also have Madi’s tv/dvd player on layaway. Reminds me I need to call and let Mom know, :lol:. $20 is actually more than what the minimum was by almost $4, :).

random bitching :: if someone has to shut their window because a “shut up” yelled out a window doesn’t work, it’s safe to assume you’re being loud and quite obnoxious. Stop acting three, and act your age

I skipped my work-out today. $300 in grocery shopping and other items (3 pairs of pants for Ethan, 2 full outfits for Madi, things like that) wear your ass out, ‘specially when assholes like to try and ram you with their carts several times over (same dude nearly hit me THREE TIMES in less than 10 minutes O.o WTF dude).

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Sheez! I totally meant to update with something yesterday, but Ethan drove me insane and I forgot. Good news is that we got The Little Mermaid last night for Madi. We had no choice, as they were selling FAST! Out of eleven shippers, only one and a half were left at 7 pm last night. Josh tried to argue with me for weeks, “it won’t go fast”. BS. Now, he’s been like “yeah, you were right”, :lol:. I like a man who can admit when I’m right, .

Speaking of movies, I watched Cool World and Sahara last night. Sahara was fan-freaking-tastic. Cool World? Not as good as I remember. THinking back, I think it might have been Pitt that I was obsessed with, not the movie, :lol:. Next on the Netflix list is ConAir. That one, I know I love. And it’s not just because of Cage, .

In other news. Well, there isn’t any other news. There might be later today, after my second work-out. There’ll be whining and complaining, , but that’s because I’m a wimp sometimes. Today, I’m HOPING to get some things done for SNM, but we’ll see how that goes. Anyone wanna toss some inspiration at me? I’m totally out of it. Sigs are definitely manditory. I’ve got NADA done. Well, okay, I’ve got one really cute one, but I can’t show that off until the end of the month. It’s part of Jabber Gals’s Secret Sister program. I show it off, BOOM, I’m recognized, :lol:.

Tomorrow is GROCERY SHOPPING!! YAY!! I love to go shopping, :lol:, if that wasn’t already evident, *snort* Tomorrow, though, is BIG shopping. We’re also going to be checking out things like coats for the kids (both need one this year), Ethan definitely needs more socks (I think he eats them), and checking out Halloween costumes for the brats. Mine’s coming from VS, unless Walmart’s got a bustier for cheaper, 😆 (or one at all, ).

Oh, Sarah asked about this, so I thought I’d re-post:

I can’t get “Import to PSP” from Animation Shop. I’ve got X, and I had to get AS seperately, because it didn’t come with PSP. *sniffle* So, any ideas on how to get it to work, or an easier solution?

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