Take That, Tom Brady

That was a damn good game last night: Colts / Patriots. Patriots got a shit call, in the 2 minute bracket, so only the guys upstairs could call. Of course, the Patriots get away with it. grumble Stupid Patriots. Oh well, Manning only threw TWO interceptions for the game, while Brady threw FOUR! Eight penalties with 81 yard gains against the Patriots. Brady SUCKED last night, and god, did it make me happy. I feel badly for the lady under us. I know I got loud, :lol:. I had to walk away after the shit call, though, for a bit, because I started getting a little pissy. Josh has taken to calling me obsessive rabid fan. snort Maybe I am, but at least it’s for a damn decent team: EIGHT AND ZERO!! And, I’m sorry to any Bears fans, but the Dolphins? How sad? How pathetic!

In other news, Walmart got a new PC in yesterday, and Josh is considering a second PC over a laptop (fine with me, as this -with regular monitor, not widescreen, according to both box and HP’s site- is what he’s talking about dances). I actually did a comparison to HP’s site using the same specs, and it’s actually cheaper to get it through Walmart, :lol:, and not HP themselves. We still get the warranty, so it’s all cool with me :). We’re still gonna upgrade this PC but not as much as we were talking about. Now, just new graphics card. Not even gonna worry about the new HD for the main thing. Who needs it when the new PC will get The Sims 2 on it 🙂 New keyboard and mouse are automatic. The “Natural” that I have is a lot better for my wrist, and hell, we’re both used to it now (you outta see us type on his dad’s PC, :lol:).

Why are kids so gross? I just had to pick turds, literal turds, off the flower, because Ethan poo’d then stripped O.o WTH? grumble He’s Josh’s son; he ain’t mine 😛

I’ve started looking at dresses for the wedding. So far, this, with a peri sash is what I’m leaning towards. I think it’ll look good on me 🙂 Bridesmaids will be in something similar to this, in Rose Petal or Pink Pearl. I think they’re GORG!! I can so see everyone I’ve got picked so far looking amazing in these 🙂 Well, Julie and Mish, so far, are my only bridesmaids. Madi’s my flower girl, and Megan’s my maid of honor. I’ve yet to tell her that though, :lol:. By then, though, she’ll be old to actually plan a bachelorette party, complete with booze, so it’s all good for me. She’ll have just turned 21 the previous September, :lol:.

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Found out why I didn’t get woken by my cellphone this morning: it’s at Walmart. O.o God, I hope it’s not broken. *grumbles* Most likely happened when Josh dumped my purse *screams* in the parking lot. If it’s busted, we’re screwed, because we can’t afford to replace it.

It’s all good. Phone is safe and happy, :lol:, sitting on it’s charger 🙂 Long story short, gotta see Josh for 10 minutes, :lol:.


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*sniffles* It’s not the music, I promise.

Is it bad that it’s been nearly a month (3 days), and sometimes it still feels like a dream. Madi still isn’t quite understanding. Josh still gets emotional at times. He asks me a lot if I remember my grandfather before he died. He died right after Daniel was born (I was three at the time). I can honestly tell him that I do. I remember how emaciated and sick he looked. But, I also remember how much he made me laugh. He loved seeing his grandchildren laugh. That sticks with me. His laughter. Even after 23 years, I can still remember it. It still pops up in my mind at times. Josh keeps asking me because he wants Madi to remember. I think she will.


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Good Morning my batty friends :P

*snort* Yeah, I’m in a weird mood this morning. I’m waiting impatiently for the 19th. Ultimate Iron Chef 🙂 Bobby Flay, Giada Delaurentis, Rachel Ray, and Mario Botali. Now that’s gonna be some interesting cookin’ goin’ on!! God, to be one of those judges eating that amazing food (’cause you know it’s gonna be YUMMY!!) would be a dream come true, :lol:.

I followed the advice, and got some Killers songs and Within Temptations. 🙂 If I like ’em, I’ll be getting CD’s come tax return. 🙂 I’m already getting, for sure, the Evanesence CD’s (both), and the Hannah Montana DVD/CD collection thing. Yeah, I want a kid’s show DVD/CD, :lol:, but Miley’s Billy Ray’s daughter, and she’s got one hell of an amazing voice 🙂

And, we’ve definitely agreed on a laptop 🙂 *dances* I’m gonna have to settle on a few things, but that’s cool 🙂 It’s still pretty damn good. I don’t need state of the art, because it’s not going to be used constantly (though he did agree to a 12cell battery instead of a 6cell :P). Without any rebates, it’ll be under $900, which is what Josh wanted, and it’s still got everything I want. I just gotta work on him letting me upgrade from 80 to 100 gigs in the hard drive (that or a flash drive, PLUS the external, 😛 … unless I can get all of that worked out in the networking … we’ll have to see, because I don’t want to have to have EVERYTHING on the laptop constantly).

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Taking Requests

Okay, since I absolutely adore Evanesence, Linkin Park, The Fray, and Snow Patrol, I’m wondering if anyone knows any similar styles that I might enjoy. The reason? I can’t listen to “Call Me When You’re Sober” over and over, even if I do absolutely adore the song. I think I’m up to 6, *snort*, including the video watchage in the previous post.

And anyone else find this type of music totally inspiring? Muse is going “doll, doll, doll, graphics, graphics, graphics” and I can’t start anything because I gotta get the kiddos ready to go shopping, :lol:. I think I’m gonna have to ask Mom and Dad this for my birthday instead of a gift card, :lol:. Make it easier on myself, 😉


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