For people that already own The Sims 2 – The Sims 2 Happy Holiday Stuff lets your Sims celebrate the season with must-have holiday items including all-new items from around the globe. Spice up your Sims’ winter holidays with this updated collection of 60 seasonal items!

*squee* And they have a “mini-pack” for those that got the stuff pack last year. *dances* SWEET!! Me, I gotta get the full pack. Didn’t want to get it last year, but this year? Gotta have it, :lol:. Called Josh on his break and said that’s what I wanted for Christmas, *snort*
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Not Ready to Make Nice

This song hits home in so many ways. It fits me to a “T” in a lot of aspects of my life. I totally adore the song, and I love the group. I also completely agree with their statements on Bush, and wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of others do as well. At least they had the guts to say it.

The point of the post. There’s so much in my life that I regret, but there are a few things, even years later, I still feel the same way about. I don’t regret the bridges burned, nor the loss of friends/family that I got as a result of the incidents. I’m happy with the family and the friends that I’ve got here. They know me, and accept me for me. The family that means all of the world to me have accepted my faults, and didn’t listen to the words of this song. We’ve made our peace and I’m thankful for that. The ones that refused to do anything but hate me and throw “Scripture” in my face 24/7 are gone, and I’m thankful for that. Life is so much more peaceful without them.
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Learn to park, fucknuts

That little bitty red car is mine.
The truck? Six’s.
The driver: high school male.
The solution: resist urge to key car
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Pride and Prejudice

I just watched Pride and Prejudice and MAN! It was amazing. Very well done. I didn’t get lost in the speech, and now I want to actually read the book. *snort* Figures, huh? Tomorrow, I should be getting Scarlett. It’s shipping from Maryland, so we’ll see if I get it on time. Since I haven’t read Pride and Predjudice, I can’t compare it to the book, but I can compare Scarlett. I read it right after reading Gone With the Wind. Though not by the same author, still both amazing books. Both very well written.

I had Three knock on our door this afternoon. Turns out a blue vehicle hit her car (it’s a Durango very badly parked). Five from Mark’s building, who’s moving out (don’t blame them, since Six has a problem with respect for neighbors by blaring their stereos until 10pm on the dot), came over, and said that last night, someone in a blue vehicle also hit their car, knocking off the side-view mirror. Cops told him they couldn’t do anything about it. O.o Another reason to hate Kansas, though I do understand the reasoning.

I’m now hacking, with the “imaginary tickle” in my throat. I cough and cough, and nothing comes up. 🙁 Sucks so bad being sick. Josh is picking me up some cough drops tonight, and I gotta remember to call him and mention Kleenex’s, since we have none, and I’ve been using old, but clean, socks to pat at my nose (toilet paper is rough to me, and hurts my nose). I realize that sounds disgusting, but I’d rather have a sock than a wad of Kleenex’s, :lol:.

from Kimi

*cough cought

I’ve been coughing all day, and my chest is so tight that it’s ridiculous. Heartrate is through the roof, resting, and of course that’s freaking me out, making it go even higher. Doesn’t really help, either, that the damn weather decides that it’s gonna rain for 2 freaking days. Yay! 🙁 I feel like absolute hell has warmed over, and there’s nothing I can really do about it. I’ve got a gallon of OJ (Minute Maid good stuff), but that’s the best I can do. Cough suppressants just make it last longer, and I can’t do the mucus ones (panic attack inducers). So I’m stuck 🙁

I have gotten a few new graphics done for other things. 🙂

These 3 are for Battlestar Dollandia

My av. Base is by Arzosah, but is a BSD exclusive

Part one of my sig. Base is by Glamour Puss.

Part two of my sig. Template by Brina

Actually, that’s pretty much it, :lol:. I’ve been too sick and stressed to do much else.

Sig by Kimi