Bryce 5

I just got the free version of Bryce 5, so if anyone has any tuts or suggestions on how to work with it, I would be super appreciative (and please don’t send me to pay sites. We’re flat broke, with just enough money for necessities. Thanks!)


If I ever figure out how to use it, I might be able to use it for some of my SnM stuff 🙂 We’ll see on that, I guess, :lol:.

Wish me luck!!

*Edit @ 6:28 PM*
There is now a tagboard. Feel free to try and spam it, but remember that I’ve got flood protection on AND IP bannage. If it gets bad, I’ll put full moderation on. 🙂 I love that about SmileTag 🙂


I’ve got a good excuse.
*sniffles* Okay, no I don’t. Just lazy and nothing really worth writing about. Only thing that really happened was I got a headache because it was too quiet and because 1 decided to slam the door 12 times in 5 minutes. Yes, I timed and counted. It was out-slam, car-slam, in-slam, rinse and repeat. I miss Josh and Bethany, our old neighbors. They were quiet, polite, and just all around clean-cut. Six likes to walk around in cut-off shorts that she shouldn’t be wearing, and like to leave their trash outside, even with threats of storms and the like *gag*. I just can’t stand them. The kid drags his feet up and down the stairs. Mark makes noise, but not even that much, and he’s 2x the size of this kid. O.o

There haven’t been any updates to SnM yet. Feel free to beat me, ladies. I deserve it. Inspiration has killed itself. I can do IM letters, but that’s following tutorials and all that jazz. Not much worth really noting 🙁 I’m working on things, I promise. It’s just that I start and then it dies 🙁 Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some themes for WP or websets going at least. Fall is just around the corner, so maybe that’ll inspire me.

Madi spent the weekend at Josh’s parents house. Kathy’s actually wanting her back in a month. Seems little monkey was a bit of a help, :lol:. I told her she can kidnap her at any time.

Well that bites

Well, no new graphics card for me. Both the book and the box said that the PC came with a AGP port, but HP said it didn’t. I’m more inclined to believe HP’s actual site, :lol:. 🙁 Oh well, Mark’s got a decent graphics card now. BUT! We’ve still got a better processor, and 256 KB more RAM, so I guess that’s okay, 😉

Didn’t do much at all today. PC actually was off for about 4 hours. I bet it loved that, . We did go to Walmart, though. Got a WIC check, and some other stuff. Got the kiddos some more plates and bowls, and Madi a replacement Princess dining set for the one that broke. Matches both of the sets she’s got now, so we’re happy, and she’s happy. Josh was a bit bummed that they didn’t have a Star Wars set, 🙁

God, I’m feeling so lazy these past few days. Not even really lazy, just wiped out totally. Thankfully, I do know that Josh is feeling the same, so it’s both and not just me. That shouldn’t me feel better, but it does.

I have made one new doll, 😆

Base by Daria, with minor facial edits by me 🙂

Main thing on my to-do list, besides SnM of course, is to make a graphic for my Colts obsession 🙂 Something to proudly display my obsesssion 😛

Good Morning

Yesterday was a very bad day. Not emotionally, but physically. I hurt so bad in my shoulder all the way to the base of my skull. All day was like that. 🙁 It’s a bit better today, thank god, but residual might decide to turn into a migraine. Joy of joys.

Yesterday, Jamie came over (Josh’s sister). She’s off this weekend, so she might be kidnapping the monkey and taking her home with her. 🙂 I’ve got no problems with that. She should, unless something comes up, pick her up Friday, and bring her back Sunday or Monday. 🙂 I hope she has fun (not that I don’t think she won’t), and that they keep up with the training. She actually woke up dry this morning!! That’s just awesome, ain’t it? I’m so proud of how she’s doing.

Speaking of kids, I’m trying to figure out how parents, any parent, can boast about how great their child is, can do no wrong and all that crap. Mine are a couple of hellions. They’ve got their good moments, but a good chunk of the time, I’d like to toss ’em out the window and be done with it, :lol:. I literally walk around going “I hate my kids, I hate my kids, I hate my kids”. I know I’m not the only one, because Kathy’s told me of times when she’s done that when Josh, Jesse, and Jamie were younger. Dad’s said he’s done the same with us, so its gotta be a common thing. But these “mommies” who just brag and brag about their brats. *gag* And yes, this is coming from a mom. These are most likely the same ones that Customers_Suck are always bitching about (with good reason).

Someone Smack Me

Gah, I went 2 days this time, 🙁 Someone needs to beat me with a stick, I’m telling you 😉

Nothing really new. Learning tools with PSP, and enjoying myself with it. I’ve created one new doll in the time it used to take me to create 5 🙁 I think it sort of depresses me, in a way, but I’m liking the results more. 🙂 The most recent one is being shown off, and it’s for WTM’s August theme, Your Favorite Movie 🙂

I’ve been icky tired lately, and it’s starting to piss me off. I hate feeling like this. I feel disconnected from my body at times, and damn, that’s not fun, not fun at all. Josh constantly has an attitude. He’s getting more and more pissy by the day. First, he volunteers to give up one of his days off because of Mark going to Julie’s cousin’s funeral (which, I found out from her might actually have been murder :(). Then he gets a jury summons, so he’s pissy about that. His hours are all fucked up 3 weeks now, though the bright side is at least he’s getting his full 40-hours, instead of 29 like Greg (yes, Tim screwed up that badly). He’s now pissy because I’ve said we shouldn’t get the “hall of fame” version of Madden 07. He’s got 2 fucking versions of 05, one Collector’s Edition and then the normal version, because it wasn’t “compatible” with the normal version. He’s used one other person’s game ONCE! And then he just plays his own version. I wouldn’t have had a problem with getting the Hall of Fame version, but for fuck’s sake, its $10 more. He’s the one bitching about how much he has to work to keep things afloat, and yet I’m the only one who can figure out what we can’t and can’t spend without sending ourselves into a tailspin we can’t control. It pisses me off, and he just shrugs it off when we’re sitting with less than $200 in the account. I do without, god, do I do without, and he doesn’t fucking give a damn, because he just has to have his “Madden or he’ll die”. He’s got every fucking year up until 07 and he’s demanding 07. Yeah, I want Glamour Sims and Pets when they come out, but I’m willing to wait until we can actually afford it, if we’re ever able. Why are men such fucking hypocrites when it comes to money?

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