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The Goals … So Far


New background for my lockscreen. I like this. I got it from the ErinCondren website 😀

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23 May, 2016 · 10:14 pm

The Planner … Last Week of May

Goals for the Week:

  1. 15k a day
  2. Squat Challenge
  3. talk to Ashley about BBOD (Beachbody on Demand)
  4. Eat more protein

Habits I’m tracking:

  • Blog
  • 15k a day
  • nightguard
  • fitness goals
  • Planner: Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner
  • Pens: Papermate Inkjoy Gel .07, LePen Permanent, Crayola stamps marker
  • Stickers: PlanningMadeEasy, LillieHenry, Libbie & Co, Miscellany Blvd, MAMBI
  • Washi Tape: Michaels!

LINKS to Things:

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22 May, 2016 · 8:54 pm

Starting June

I’m tired of not being happy with me.

Starting in June, I’m going “ham” and taking care of me!


And sorry I missed yesterday’s blog post. I was BUSY 😆 I saw Neighbors 2 though, and it was pretty good. Hilarious 😀

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21 May, 2016 · 12:53 pm

So … More Hours?

I was supposed to be off tomorrow, but I was told to plan to come in, unless I hear differently. They also asked if I could do Friday, but that would be … W, T, F, S, S, M, T, W, T, F, S, S, M, T … straight. Yeah, no. I can’t do that. I physically cannot do that.

I’m technically only 40 hours every two weeks. I got 40.25 total by Saturday, and I’m up to 66 after today. I still have 9 hours, technically but I could lose a half hour here or there. Still, though. Holy crap. I’m exhausted. I feel like I’m not getting a break at all. Like ever.

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Bye Saturday…

So I worked… Out and actually at work
I’m sore.
I’m tired.
I’m cranky.
It’s life.
See you tomorrow. I work in the morning.

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