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Project Life & Project 365: Week 01 Achievement Unlocked

Oh yay! I got them done! On time! I’m so proud of myself! Like SERIOUSLY proud!! I will tell you that each Project Life template will be Pretty in Green‘s Life Inspired series.

I also got a video done, a little walk-through of the work I was doing. Today is going to be spent working on some more, to try and make sure I get the “perfect” video settings!

Template: Pretty in GreenKit: Project 2013 [January] by Connie Prince
Template: Pretty in Green
Kit: Project 2013 [January] by Connie Prince
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Well, That Needs Improving

So … I made my first “Lazy Homemaker” blog, and good god, that was a failure.

I didn’t PREVIEW it before I shared it, so it’s missing 1/3 of it. Yeah, and it’s got a double of something else. So, yeah, I give up. This week blows for that. I’ll probably do a quick “Yeah, that sucked” update. Hey, it’s the FIRST, so that should count for SOMETHING.

I also think I need to look into a better webcam, at least until I get the new camera. Right now, it really sucks. I have the HP Webcam HD-3100 – 720P Widescreen Webcam with TrueVision. It, yeah, it’s not that great. The lighting in the apartment sucks as it is, but ugh, that camera makes it worse.

Here’s the video, if you want to see it. Really, there’s no need to tell me about the issues. I don’t know how to fix how OUT OF SYNC the video ended up being either. :'( I’m going to be looking into a bit better video editing program. I’ve been suggested to try Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12, and I probably will, but I’m going to wait until I can use a trial and if I like it, I’d be able to afford to buy it then.