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Filmed a PWM

Remind me to NEVER do that again. At least not until I figure out different ways to set up my cameras!

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4 December, 2018 · 6:03 pm

I’m Not Able to Figure Things Out

Yeah, attempting to get something done and it failed!

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2 December, 2018 · 5:34 pm

Migraines and Me

Today wasn’t a good day! I ended up with a stupid migraine and it sucks!!

I got the second day of Vlogust is completed!

I did try something new though!!
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2 August, 2018 · 9:53 pm

Water First

I love my cup.
I’m starting to like water.
I guess I’m getting smarter.

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26 July, 2018 · 11:38 am

Someone Got Into the Music

Yeah, I have absolutely  NO ISSUES showing off how much of a dork I am. 😀 These will live on forever 😉

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11 July, 2018 · 8:14 pm