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Another Bullet Journal

204/365 [2018] - Pretty Bullet Journal

I love how my bullet journal turned out! I’m a little late in starting it!

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23 July, 2018 · 9:26 pm

Chatting With Cindy!

201/365 [2018] - Cindy on the Surface

I just love chatting with Cindy!

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20 July, 2018 · 9:10 pm

Pretty Colors

What? You don’t obsess over highlighters too?

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19 July, 2018 · 9:56 pm

It’s an Addiction …

You gotta have things be pretty, right?

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17 July, 2018 · 8:00 pm

The Planner!

No, you’re not seeing things.

Yeah, this is an EC.

She who said she’d never use an EC bought an EC.

My reasoning? I bought it on Amazon, and I’m protected THERE but not on the EC site. That’s why I felt comfortable buying it.

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15 July, 2018 · 4:35 pm