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Does it make us bad

When we get Madi’s DVD player and TV off of layaway, we’re actually going to open the DVD player and put it in our room, until about the 23rd or so. The reason: the DVD player in the bedroom isn’t working more than it is working. Josh and I don’t really watch movies in our room, so it’s not like it’s for us. The kids are the ones who wore out the player anyway. We’re going to wrap it up for her, though, to open on Christmas. We’re hoping, since she’s three, she’ll just know she’s opening a present, and not realize she got gyped a bit, :lol:. I guess we’ll see, won’t we. 🙁

I’m working on ideas for a new theme. This one’ll be available for SnM, and all that good stuff, so input is more than welcome. My memberships are listed, in two places. The one I just linked, and of course the one on my sidebar :P. It’s going to not be as over-the-top as this theme is, but it’ll come in a variety of styles (meaning available for different templates). HELP!! Thanks, in advance! I’m also going to be working on at least 4 tags today and tomorrow. 🙂 I want the first 2 weeks done before the 1st arrives, which is Friday 🙂

I about passed out this morning. Why? A very good reason: Josh’s paycheck. He’s getting $718 this paycheck o.O Pay raise from 8.80 to 9.40, 1.36 hours over-time, and Thanksgiving holiday pay 🙂 First check of January’s gonna be pretty damn sweet too: 2 days of Holiday pay, plus guaranteed overtime from Christmas Eve, and the days following up to it. *dances* We’re gonna be sitting okay, and that makes me very happy!! I just sent off my two checks from survey fillage ($21), with two more on the way ($38).

The kids are actually playing well together right now. They’re rotating between giggling and Ethan whining, but the giggling is lasting longer, by far, so that makes me happy. The painting, though, that was supposed to happen didn’t. As soon as the office got everyone’s cars moved, *BOOM* comes the rain, :lol:, so the pavement is trying. Good news is that I can see the car from the living room window. 🙂

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This is just f-ed up!

The “purple” building is our building. The “blue” building is Mark and Julie’s building. The opposite side? That’s where, and half the complex, have to park Monday O.o so they can “paint” the parking lot. Please, someone explain to me how that’s possible? When almost ALL of the apartments have at least 2 cars PER apartment?

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The Graphics Community (and much more)

Santa, this year I want a nice cohesive community. No back-stabbing, no stealing, and last but not least, no “selling of domains” just to open another one O.o WTF is the point anyway? And, then others to publicly smear this person. Yeah, she did an EXTREMELY stupid thing, but hey, most of the community saw it anyway. Hell, I’m going WTH, but for god’s sakes, keep it PRIVATE! No one deserves the shit you’re slinging. Grow the fuck up or get the hell out. This is just getting ridiculous. Oh, and if you don’t know, please don’t ask. It’s none of my business, I just had to get that off of my chest.

In other news, Josh has PMS. I swear to freaking god he does. He’s bitchy, is tired, and gah, just driving me insane. No, it’s not just me. Then again, the kids are being super clingy lately. Driving both of us insane with it too. Nice thing though is that his book comes sometime between Monday and Wednesday, which means he won’t be home when it comes 🙂

Me? I feel like I’m dying a slow and painful death, it seems at times. I was all excited about the “wintry mix” come Wednesday, that I neglected to notice something very important: 70’s on Tuesday, 30’s on Wednesday. Hello, chest infection. Nice to see you again. Body’s already prepping. Migraine for the past two days, with random numbness in places and blurry vision, so it’s gonna be a doozy once it really kicks in. 🙁

Doesn’t help that Six decided to spend FOUR hours putting up Christmas lights and garland. Now that’s not the bad part. The bad part is the fact that it took FOUR hours to do a 3 x 3 area O.o How the heck does it take that long? Josh did ours, which is about 4 x 5 in less than 2, and it looked a lot better too (and he did so while refraining from singing Christmas carols badly). Mark and Julie’s Two though looks really good. They did their main window and their column. The column looks like a candy cane (complete with white and red rope lights), and multi-colored twinklers in the window. I love that 🙂 Nice pretty picture when you look out the window.

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Ignore the purple background 🙂 It’s part of my background (from *dances* Wednesday we’re supposed to have a “wintry mix” I’m so freaking happy. I’m sorry, but Thanksgiving was too damn WARM! I hate warm holidays where they’re supposed to be cool.
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Now that’s bad

Apparently Josh doesn’t exist O.o At least not at Walmart. I went to order his most important Christmas gift (DnD Dungeon’s Master Guide, Vs. 3.5 … what he really wants), and :lol:, his disount card and ID number didn’t match, so I couldn’t use it 🙁 That frickin’ bites, but oh well. Still have it ordered. Ninety-seven cents for shipping, so just over $20, with tax. Suits me, since the stores don’t seem to carry it 🙁 Should have bought it when I saw it though, because it went up $2 since yesterday. WTF? Stupid Walmart.

Speaking of Josh, he’s currently asleep right now or working on going that way. Ethan’s zonked out behind me, and Madi’s heading to la-la land watching Donald, Mickey, and Goofy (some kind of Disney cartoons DVD). Me? I seem to mostly wide-awake. I’m hoping the babies will sleep in tomorrow. If not, I’m screwed, and will be very bitchy, :lol:. At least Josh gets off at 2 tomorrow (if they don’t need him to stay over). He’s actually going in at about 4:30 (to set up), and only taking a half-hour lunch (requested … half hour is all that state-law requires), but they’re at least providing food. Sunday, he’s switching with Mark (Mark’s got somewhere he’s gotta be that evening), so he’s 8-5 Saturday, and 10-7 Sunday 🙂 Works okay for me. I’m just waiting impatiently for 2 weeks and 1 half hour, :lol:. Figure it out 😛 Continue reading


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