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Good Morning

God, it’s 9:43 in the damn morning, and I’ve been up for an hour. I barely got any sleep last night and it freaking sucks 🙁 Just couldn’t, for the life of me, fall asleep. *grumble*

And, in case you didn’t notice, there’s a new theme 🙂 I couldn’t get the borders to work right, and all the suggestions given to me just never worked 🙁 BUT!! I love this one. It’s so cute and fun. Lorisha did a great job. Another reason to check out her site and join up (make sure you say Sarah sent ya).

Today’s gonna be a busy day, graphics wise. I’m hoping to get a few things going, but we’ll see how that goes, I guess, :lol:. Here’s the list of things:

  • Halloween tags
  • Halloween IM letters
  • Fall tags
  • Fall IM letters
  • Thanksgiving tags
  • Thanksgiving IM letters
  • Christmas tags
  • Christmas IM letters
  • WP themes in a variety of styles
  • anything else that’s suggested

And that’s on top of the fact that I’ve laundry coming out of my ears, and dishes seriously need to be done. *pops pill* Well, at least that’s one last thing to worry about, :lol:. Other than that, it’s gonna be a lazy day as I gear myself up for a sudden rise of temps. We’re talking mid-90’s for 3 days. O.o Totally unheard of in Kansas in October (did ya’ll forget October starts at midnight?).

from Angel, of The Pixel Pantry

Blank canvas

Okay, I thought of something, and I’m not sure if I like it. I’m thinking of, maybe, creating a “members only” area for my sigtag club. That way I can add tubes and what-not for the places that I can sell tubes from. I’m not sure how well it’ll go, though. I’ll also add IM letters and the like (no OE/Outlook, because I don’t use it and refuse to use it, :lol:).
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An update would be nice

Yesterday was a bad day, physically for me. I had a blood sugar droppage, and it was a major one. So, I eat, to help with it. First I wanna pass out, and then I just want to vomit. Fun, oh, fun.

Still no luck getting any help on how to do the borders 🙁 I guess either a) no one wants to help, or b) no one knows the answer. I’m gonna re-send later today, because I’d really like a response, and some advice 🙂

I really need to update my doll site because I haven’t since the 3rd of this month. O.o Oh goodness, :lol:. Newest creations:

Base is by Tequila Sunrise. I tried a different way of shading, and I really like the result. At least with the top. With the second, it was supposed to a self-portrait style, but not happy with it.

I really dislike the brats today. I’m sick and tired of them doing shit that I’ve told them over and over not to do, and not doing what I’ve told them to do. Madi’s refusing to share, and Ethan’s refusing to not mess with the stereo. *screams*

from Zarbella, of Sig Safari

No, no new layout yet

Yeah, but there are some other happy tidings:
1) Season Premiere of 7th Heaven is tonight *
2) Josh and I have set a tentative date for something very important. On our 10th anniversary, we’ll be *fingers crossed* officially tying the knot. We’ve got our own reasons for waiting, but we’re not waiting until 2017 when the next 16th falls on a Saturday, :lol:. The kids would be too old then. At least at that point in time, Megan’ll be 22, so she’ll be able to plan a decent bachelorette party.

Speaking of which, if Crystal, Julie’s sister, needs the help, I’ll be pitching in with buying things for Julie’s bachelorette and bridal shower. Josh is so sweet and understanding with that, knowing that we’re way better off financially and understands I’d really like to be able to do that for her 🙂

Somethin’ else!! I’m trying to decide what the hell to wear for Halloween. I’m gonna force myself to squeeze into the costume from last year, for trick-or-treating, but the weekend before, there’s hopefully going to be a Halloween party, and I wanna go all out. All I know is that I want to look kind of trampish. Maybe something like this with a short black skirt and my black zip-up boots, and some thigh highs. I think it would look good. Have my hair all curled and falling around everywhere. That, or I wanna do the “naughty school girl” theme. I think I could pull that off, :lol:. Hot Topic has the skirts that I want for either outfit, so that’s good, :lol:.

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Warning: Girly and Sex-related post

This was the Passion party involved. It was actually both entertaining and enlightening. Not only that, gave me some great ideas 😉 *dirty minds need to apply*

Okay, I found a few things that I wouldn’t mind having:
1. BEN
2. Daily Facial Care Set
3. Vibrating Hair Brush
4. Nympho Niagra
5. Romance Bubbles

Okay, that’s not all, but I didn’t wanna list the whole site.

It was a lot of fun last night. Got to know a few of Jule’s jewelry ladies. And got invited for a Halloween party still in the planning stages, to see the haunted houses, and to just have girls’ nights out. Mark’s uncomfortable around folks who’ve been drinking (ironic since Mark likes to drink -not heavy, but drink, :lol:), so I was recruited so that Jules would have a ride. That, and the mommies there understand that I need to get out once in awhile. Hell, I’m almost 25, and get a bit slap-happy and giggly (if Josh is around) when I’ve had ONE wine cooler, :lol:. I think I need some “out” time, and Josh is totally for it, :lol:, since he gets out every other week for DnD 😉

But man, did it feel good to get out last night. Felt good getting home, too. Poor Josh. (sorry, couldn’t find my “sex” icon, :lol:)Julie and I were both a bit buzzed, a little loud, and quite giggly the whole 10 minute ride home, :lol:. It was awesome!!

from Kimi