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First off, I’ve learned something about myself: when I have to write, I can’t do it. When I’m not forced to, I can think of a million ideas and actually get a lot written. *grumbles* Yesterday, I got 1102 words for Nano, and today? Nothing so far. 🙁 I’m out of words, except when I’m bitching about it. Maybe I should change it up and do a “blog” themed story, :lol:. I feel quite pathetic about it, but maybe that’s just how I am. I think I should have started a few days early, despite the fact that it should start on the first. I had ideas on Monday and Tuesday, and didn’t even think to write them on paper 🙁

I’ve got 2 people out of the ten for the 25 Days of Christmas I’m working on *dances* Hopefully more will come by and say “YES” to it, so that I can actually do it (it’s not worth doing it for less than 10 people). I’m working on tube packages for those that end up participating. They’ll be in both PSP and PNG format, and when I do sign-ups, that’ll be one of the things to fill out, if you’d rather have PSP or PNG files. Maybe I should do PSP and PSD formats, since I do have that capability.

I also have a new member in my sig club. I’m up to three members, . I’m both saddened and happy with that. I can handle three, . Hopefully, I can get more members though, but I think that involves actually, you know, making more tags. Last month was awful for me when it comes to inspiration. This month and the following should be a lot better 🙂

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My brats are spoiled

Here’s what my folks are getting them each for Christmas:

Ethan’s getting a combo, and Madi’s getting a 2-pc set. *shock* Can you believe it? A 19-month-old is going to have his own television, :lol:. As is a 3-year-old. What the heck is the world coming to? *snort*

Good Afternoon

Today is the first day of NaNoWriMo, and I think my writing bug has already died. Only 818 words have been done, and all my mind wants to do is jump forward and write the middle O.o WTF? Stupid brain, NO! Well, other than that, it seems to be going pretty well. I like the story so far, as it is in my head, :lol:. It would be so much easier with a laptop or something though. I could go somewhere quiet and think. Or sit on the couch with Josh and think. Or sit in the bedroom with Monkey and think. *sigh* I’m pretty sure we’re getting me the laptop come tax return. This morning sealed it with me hovering over Josh. I had an amazing start going in my head for the book (started last night, dreamt it, and then wanted to write it), and Josh decided he just had to clean up D: at that exact point in time. O.o *grumbles* So I lost it 🙁

In other news, I got “paid” today, so I spent $20 of the $40, and got me 4 templates from Nickle n Dime graphics. I gotta say that I adore the templates from there. I got #2, #9, #19, and #22. I think each month, I’ll pick up a few more, until I have them all, because I can’t choose which ones I like more (hey, birthday is coming up next month 😉 … just kidding). So that makes all of Marina’s templates, 4 of NnDG templates, all of Artie’s (that she’s offering), and all of Manda’s (Faery Ink), that I can use. *dances* Lots and lots to do (well, Artie’s I can only use for personal use, since I couldn’t, at the time, afford $50 for the commercial use).

So now I have to think of themes and things to do, :lol:. Christmas is big on my list of themes to create. I know I’m gonna have a few for me to choose from, :lol:, and might offer those up for sale as well. We’ll see on that. I’m also working on more ideas for the 25 Days of Christmas idea that I had. 🙂 Two tags so far (2 in one day for me is amazing, :lol:), with plenty of more ideas coming all the time. Christmas really inspires me, I guess. It’s such a beautiful holiday, even if you aren’t a Christian. The whole point of the holiday is giving, not the receiving, or at least it is for me.

Speaking of Christmas, we finally figured out a few things to get for Ethan: TOOLS!! Josh was tightening some screws on the dining room chairs, and Ethan was right there, trying to help (mostly reorganizing the tool box, but anyway), and he was having so much fun. *dances* FINALLY!!

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New Theme

*snort* Yeah, I’m pathetic and couldn’t wait. I really like this one. Nickie gets all the credit for this amazing theme (along with the av I’m using). Isn’t it just the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? I’ll be putting up the Christmas one after Thanksgiving. 🙂 That’ll give me something to do during Black Friday (guaranteed overtime for Josh, :lol:).

The kids had so much fun tonight trick-or-treating, though sadly, it seems less and less houses are doing it, which is really sad. The news and the like claim that Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays, yet I saw a grand total of 12 kids today. We saw more than that in Florida, and that was a crappy neighborhood. This is a nice area, nice people, and all that. What the heck is going on?
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Happy Halloween

Kiddos with their pumkins
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