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Sheez! I totally meant to update with something yesterday, but Ethan drove me insane and I forgot. Good news is that we got The Little Mermaid last night for Madi. We had no choice, as they were selling FAST! Out of eleven shippers, only one and a half were left at 7 pm last night. Josh tried to argue with me for weeks, “it won’t go fast”. BS. Now, he’s been like “yeah, you were right”, :lol:. I like a man who can admit when I’m right, .

Speaking of movies, I watched Cool World and Sahara last night. Sahara was fan-freaking-tastic. Cool World? Not as good as I remember. THinking back, I think it might have been Pitt that I was obsessed with, not the movie, :lol:. Next on the Netflix list is ConAir. That one, I know I love. And it’s not just because of Cage, .

In other news. Well, there isn’t any other news. There might be later today, after my second work-out. There’ll be whining and complaining, , but that’s because I’m a wimp sometimes. Today, I’m HOPING to get some things done for SNM, but we’ll see how that goes. Anyone wanna toss some inspiration at me? I’m totally out of it. Sigs are definitely manditory. I’ve got NADA done. Well, okay, I’ve got one really cute one, but I can’t show that off until the end of the month. It’s part of Jabber Gals’s Secret Sister program. I show it off, BOOM, I’m recognized, :lol:.

Tomorrow is GROCERY SHOPPING!! YAY!! I love to go shopping, :lol:, if that wasn’t already evident, *snort* Tomorrow, though, is BIG shopping. We’re also going to be checking out things like coats for the kids (both need one this year), Ethan definitely needs more socks (I think he eats them), and checking out Halloween costumes for the brats. Mine’s coming from VS, unless Walmart’s got a bustier for cheaper, 😆 (or one at all, ).

Oh, Sarah asked about this, so I thought I’d re-post:

I can’t get “Import to PSP” from Animation Shop. I’ve got X, and I had to get AS seperately, because it didn’t come with PSP. *sniffle* So, any ideas on how to get it to work, or an easier solution?

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Work-out #1

Today was first official workout with YourSelf Fitness. It comes in both console and PC versions and is actually quite a lot of fun. I didn’t work out the whole half hour, but I’m hoping, maybe, later today, I’ll finish. We’ll see, :lol:. I did do the 15 minute or so preliminary and did 10 minutes into the work-out, so that counts for something. I burned 22 calories in those 22 minutes, and found out I’m down to my pre-pregnacy weight from Ethan, minus one pound (I was 112 when I got pregnant, now I’m 113). I plan on toning and getting my body into shape. We’ll see how that goes, :lol:.

Tomorrow, The Little Mermaid comes out, but we’re not getting it until Thursday. Josh gets paid then. Thursday is also grocery shopping day, and tomorrow we gotta pay rent. I hate, hate, HATE paying bills. Bills can take a hike for all I care, :lol:.

Sigs ‘n More should be working again. Something went screwy with the redirect, but it’s all working again. Sorry for the inconvience it caused anyone.

Now onto something else: I mentioned this before, but not sure if it was picked it. I’m thinking of, maybe, opening up a member’s only area, which would have exclusive tags and such for members, along with tubes and things for the places I have tubing licenses for (TnL, ZBPT, just to name a couple). If you’re a member, or if you’re planning or wanting to become a member, or if you just have an opinion, I would completely appreciate it.

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A New Day

It’s October!! Thirty days until Halloween. Sixteen days until Ethan’s 19 months, nineteen days until Madi’s 40 months, 2 months and 1 week until my birthday!

In two days, a great movie comes out, one Madi’s obsessed with, and she’s never even seen it. In honor of it, Disney even brought back the series and Madi just loves it. Yes, if you haven’t figured it out, I’m talking about The Little Mermaid. Madi is so adorable when she’s trying to say “Sebastian”. She says “Bastian” instead a lot of the time.

Got some good news today, in my e-mail box: I was chosen as Miss October at Coco Cabana 🙂 That means I’m the member of the month there 🙂 I feel all squishy and proud. I haven’t even been there a month, :lol:. Nice to know you’re appreciated, though, no matter the time-frame of membership. At the end of the month, I’ve got to pick the next one, 🙂

I got nothing done yesterday. I started something and then BOOM, PC-Cillian shut everything down because Josh, not knowing what the hell he was doing, clicked a box that shut the PC down after a scanning 🙁 *chases while pissed off* Stupid fucking thing didn’t save ANYTHING, so I lost it all 🙁 I promise to try and get some things done today. Cross your fingers for me that nothing screws up.

I talked to Mom yesterday. Megan’s doing a lot better. The doc has her on Effexor. Mom’s on it, too, but for migraines. I guess it’s like Depakote, a variety of uses (Depakote is used both in the treatment of epilepsy/seizures and bi-polar). Mom said she’s doing pretty good on it, so it sounds like it’s doing it’s job.

Yesterday, Josh told me something that just kind of blew me away, showing that he thinks of me a lot. We were watching TLC or HGTV (one of those make-over shows for rooms), and Josh goes, out of the blue, “when we get a house, we should do the bedroom in navy blue, or a dark blue”. I mention, yeah, because we agreed on blues for the room, and he goes “No, because of your migraines. It’ll be nice and dark in there to help you rest.” Julie and I both had the “aww” look on our faces when he said that. It was so sweet.

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Lookin’ for ya’ll’s input

Okay, here’s what I need the input on: HAIR COLOR!! I’m planning on getting it recolored, and I can’t make up my mind what I want. I’m thinking a deep, deep, but dark red, or the same but in brunette. Ideas, please 🙂 I’d really appreciate it.

If it helps, I’ve got natural red undertones and highlights, due to Irish heritage. I also develop natural highlights so easily, and no clue where that comes from, :lol:. And, I like the idea of the red. I’d go with strawberry blonde, but I’d rather have the blonde stuff done professionally, :lol:, and I can’t afford $50 to have that done.

Oh, and I also added –> in the sidebar –> a section called “My Status”. If there’s anything you’d like to know what I’m currently addicted to, purchasing, working on, etc, let me know in this thread, and I’ll add it 🙂

A release

You take one glance at me, and you most likely wouldn’t notice. You just see what you would assume of being errant hairs. But buried there is a secret I’m hiding.

I was diagnosed with trichtillomania at fifteen, just months before my offical bi-polar diagnosis. While it’s not as debilitating as the bipolar, trich has done a number on me. I refuse to wear my hair completely down. I’m scared the hair will move wrong and someone will notice. Even partly up freaks me out a little. It’s really sad, because everyone tells me my hair looks better down. Every day I feel the increasing urge to pull. It’s like a burning sensation in my hands sometimes. I’m likely to rip your head off if you comment on me about it, if I’m in the middle of pulling. It can be a single strand at a time, or large chunks.

The saddest thing of all of it is that it undermines me, my self-esteem, and my self-confidence is doing things. If I can’t stop pulling, how can I expect to be a good mom, a good girlfriend/wife, a good daughter, sister, friend? Seeing the piles, and yes, some places have piles, makes me want to either cry non-stop, or just end it all. I hate feeling like this, and I hate the stigma I’m putting on my children. Ethan’s already starting to imitate, and that just breaks my heart. I don’t want that pain to be on him. He deserves so much more.

To those that read my journal, this is something very big for me, to admit it, out in the open, that I’ve got this problem. The first step is admitting. Maybe now, I can find a way of dealing with it, and helping to keep myself from doing it. Behind the “cut” are pictures of what I’m talking about.

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