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Yes, I fucked up. It’s all my fault. I take 100% of the blame. 🙁 I could kick myself for typing 9-1 a few days back. FFS!! I’m the one who screwed up 🙁 My apologies go out to ALL the fans. I sincerely apologize! All I request is that no one comes and heckles. I feel bad enough as it is. Please don’t make me feel worse. *cries* I swear I didn’t do it on purpose. 🙁 Maybe if I woulda watched the game, maybe it wouldn’t have happened 🙁

Counting down til Christmas. Can you believe it’s already that time of year? Just 3 days until Thanksgiving, and exactly the same amount of time between my birthday and today as there are between my birthday and Christmas. I just totally realized that when I was working on the countdowns for my sidebar, :lol:. Gah, over one thousand days until I become Mrs. Harlow, though. Oh well, completely worth waiting for ;). Still have no idea what the hell we’re doing for my birthday, either.

Still working hard on the 25 Days. I’ve got 3 people participating. *shrugs* I had more than that say they wanted to do it 🙁 Oh well, I guess the others figured something else was more worthwhile. Makes me kinda sad though. Their loss, I guess. I have figured that I’m going to put the tags up next year, but they’ll be full-price. *giggles* Hey, that way I don’t have to think as hard next year. Since it’s kind of a bust right now, I don’t want to have to fight to get it to go through next year.

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This is quite sad

Everyone assumes that just because they use FF or Opera, or any other non-IE browser that they’re immune to viruses, spyware, and all that junk. WTF? None of the creators of these browsers have ever claimed that. They have just said that they’re more secure, with better pop-up protection. Why does everyone claim that they’re virtually virus free? Oh well, your PC is the one that’s gonna get fucked, not mine.

In other news, finally, in the mail, the PayPal debit card came in. *dances* That’s awesome!! $3000 a day spending limit, and $400 a day ATM withdrawl! That means we can just transfer the money for the PC or whatever and not have to go through the CC or the checking account debit 🙂 That makes things a lot easier. Continue reading

Go, Colties, GO!

The Colts, this year, have an amazing, absolutely amazing, season. While a few of the games have been extremely close, they’ve still come out on top. They’re 9 and 0. Even if they weren’t 9 – 0, I would still want a Colts replica football jersey. I’m slowly but surely working up to convince Josh that I need one. Not want, but need, to express my love for the Colts through an Authentic Football Jersey, proudly showing #19 and Mannings name on the back. Not just the Colts, though. I’d love to get one for Josh that’s of the Redskin’s, too. And Ethan or Madi in a Youth NFL Football Jersey? Wouldn’t that just be too darn cute?!? So, yeah, I definitely want some NFL Football Jerseys. I mean, who wouldn’t?

That’s wonderful

Is it Friday yet? Nope, still only Thursday, :lol:. Not that Friday makes a big difference. I just know I’m going to be nowhere near Walmart come 12 tonight. Oh hell no, :lol:. PS3’s go on sale. 1802 only has 8, and 6 of those are the $600 machines. People are pitching tents outside the store, and have been since Tuesday Insane mo-fos. Do they not recall the PS2’s and PSP’s at all? First batch had problem after problem, after problem, including the PS2 having to be recalled due to risk of fire. . What a bunch of dorks, anyway.

In other news, the brats have been fighting since Madi woke up. Neither one of them wanna share. They’re fighting over the AquaDoodle mat, they’re fighting over the old keyboards (we’ve got 2), they’re fighting over this, over that, over EVERYTHING. I’m starting to wish I didn’t have any kids. But, then, they’ll do something that makes it all worth it. Like, last night and today, Ethan’s been climbing into his high chair, unassisted. The look of accomplishment on his face is just perfect and amazing!

Some time today, we’re heading to Walmart. We’re getting Monkey’s TV out of layaway. Extra 10% starts today, so we’re gonna see if we can use it on her TV 🙂 Save a little money where we can and all that 🙂 Even if Mom and Dad are actually paying for it, :lol:. We’re also going to check out giftie ideas for the brats. Yeah, not the easiest thing to do when they’re here, but oh well, :lol:. It’ll eventually be worth it, I swear!

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Time to Bawl

I had no idea how addicted to my large and happy keyboard. 🙁 One of the legs of the one I had died, so I’m typing on the one that came with the actual PC. I was forced to because I ended up typing at an awkward angle, and was causing me all kinds of problems. It’s a drastic difference.
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