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One Less Thing

It’s not about DreamHost. Still ain’t heard a peep from them. :/ Nope, this concerns me quite personally: I’m NOT pregnant. See, here’s the bad thing. I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about it. I love being pregnant. I mean I love it! I loved feeling the brats moving around inside me, anticipating that first appointment to hear the heartbeat, eagerly awaiting that butterfly movement of the first official kick. Heck, I didn’t even mind labor that much. But, we can’t afford another baby right now. Things are just way too tight. Plus the fact that we’d have to get a new car before the baby would be born(car’s too damn small … backseat barely holds Mads and Ethan). No, not fun at all. But, still a little sad. 🙁

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Starting to worry

I sent the thing for DreamHost the 12th. That means it should be there by now, right? I still haven’t heard anything from them, yet. 🙁 The Paypal thing expired, so I have no clue what’s going on.

I am getting other things done though:

Just three of the new tags I’ve been working on 🙂 I’m trying to do at least one tag a day (I’ve done 2 today, with an idea for at least 2 more *dances*) to stock up SnM in the meantime, so I guess that’s a good thing.

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Fuck off, Steve *UPDATE*

Josh’s assistant manager, Steve, is a fuckwit, who seriously needs to DIAF. He told Jeremy (3rd newest) that David (total newest, only been there a week / transfer) will be getting Mark’s hours (8-5 weekends, 10-7 Mondays, 8-5 Tuesday and Wednesday), though Josh has been promised those hours for a year. WTF? Steve is playing hide and seek right now, so Josh hasn’t yet had a chance to find out if Steve’s just playing his usual mind games with Electronics or not. If it’s true, he’s dragging Steve (only 5’8″, LOL) into Trent and Randy’s office (another AS and the SM), and getting it set in stone that he gets those hours. He was promised that sort of shift when he STARTED in electronics. It was the only reason he left ICS.

Fucking fuckwit, if it’s true, the fucker is listening to me go off on his ass.

UPDATE: Josh is getting the hours. Since Josh knows everything that has to be done for opening shifts, he’s got the hours. Steve confirmed it. So now we have no clue why Steve said Josh wasn’t or if said it at all. Mark asked Steve who was getting the hours, and Steve goes “Um, I don’t know. Wasn’t Josh saying he wanted them?” so who knows.

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Ickies!! – gift in post :)

I seriously hate Five, in Mark and Julie’s building. At 2 am, I get the joy of hearing 2 vehicles leave drunk (you could tell by the way they were talking), and one chick spend an hour or so yakking in the parking lot. Yay, that was fun. So, I got no sleep, because once they actually got the fuck out of the parking lot, Josh decided he could only sleep on his back, which meant snoring, and he’s LOUD!

I’m also sick as hell. I feel like I’ve got the damn stomach flu or something. Constantly feeling nauseous and icky (and we’re pretty damn sure I’m not pregnant, considering I would know by now). I’ve been running a slight temp for a week or so, and god, I feel like SHIT!
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The Christmas Blues

The holiday blues have hit the family, me and Josh at least. You know, that time period where everything just bites and we wish the holiday would pass? We’ve spent $500 or so on Christmas, for everyone, including new ornaments (we’re up to 121 now, after buying about 10 more singlets, and a package of 100 non-breakables). At least the tree is pretty, until the brats take off the ornaments, like they’ve been doing ALL DAY!! Josh and I were pretty much at our throats all day yesterday. His was a lack of sleep, and mine was a lack of food. I was totally wiped yesterday (didn’t eat until 6 pm, because the smell of food made me wanna ralf). We did get some great stuff, though. We got Jesse and Jamie’s Christmas presents, a couple new ones for Josh and I (we opened one early … DnD cartoon series for Josh, books for me … I’ve already finished them, :lol:). I think we did pretty good all around.

I’ve got 2 days worth of 25 Days to work on, and a few for 12 Days at Country Retreat. I seriously need to get to work on them, but inspiration has flown out the window. Once Josh gets done with his shower, and we get the kids ready, we’re heading to Holton for my pills (BC), and to get the mail from his Dad’s. Then I’ll be home, hopefully, to work on it.

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