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Some new stuff

Base by Faery Ink (currently down)

I was thinking of using this in a theme, but I can’t figure out how I want it to look, :lol:. I really like the work, though. I’m playing around with PSP and loving every second of it 🙂

Lines from Iddy Pixels

A gift for Merrilee, my buddy this month at Country Retreat

Base and line art from Pixelated Goodies

A new sig in the works for Sigs ‘n More 🙂

Not again

I forgot to update, AGAIN! Yesterday was exhausting, and I didn’t even do anything. I just got no sleep whatsoever. When Josh got home though, and he was checking me out in an outfit that quite flattered me, I was all happy 🙂 So happy, in fact, that I actually put on make-up. 🙂 That’s astounding for me

Today I gotta try and get caught up on laundry. I don’t think it’s going to go well, because Ethan and Madi keep taking off with my laundry baskets, . They climb and play in them. They look cute doing it, but it drives me crazy having to hunt down a basket so I can take clothes out of the dryer.


I coulda sworn I’d added a post yesterday, but I guess I didn’t, :lol:. Oh well, guess I didn’t. Josh had us running around like chickens with our heads cut off all day yesterday, and we stayed home most of the day.

We folded at least 10 loads of laundry, and actually put most of them away. His claim that he would put his own up completely fell through, but he at least helped put up the kiddos. Today, the poor guy starts his 8 days straight of work, but today’s completely and totally overtime, so he doesn’t mind (Mark can’t come in because of Julie’s cousin’s funeral :().

Potty training is going swell. She’s doing really good at it. Josh is ready for us to stop turning on the timer, but I’m not sure she’s ready for that yet. 🙁 We’ll see, I guess. I’m still doing the timer, though. We’ll see on that after he gets home (about 3 hours and 45 minutes until he’s scheduled to get off).

I so do not want to do the laundry that we got off the floor (floor hadn’t been vaccumed in a while, so if it was on the floor after the kids dumped everything, it’s gotta be rewashed :(). I’m starting to seriously hate the fact that I have kids. I love ’em to death, just hate the things they do. They drive me freaking bonkers 75% of the time, but make me love ’em more when they act like the angels they so wish they were, :lol:.

Now the major pressing thing on my mind is the fact that I seriously need a new theme. I don’t like any of the ones that I have, :lol:. I’m sick and bored of ’em 🙁 I want something that I don’t have to do major editting on (meaning it should be XHTML valid in the first place), and all that I’d really have to do is add the plugin info that I’ve already got and all that jazz. I guess it’s more of “good luck with that” kind of situation 🙁 Sucks, too. I want something unique and cute, but too lazy to do it. Though maybe I should try, so I can show off the ideas for the tattoos I’ll be getting eventually will look like (each should will have a fluttering butterfly with Ethan and Madi’s names in swirly script as teh butterflies’ trails, and a mediumish hibiscus in the small of my back … suits me and my personality, and will definitely be unique). *sigh*


Yes, I had to completely and restart over. Completely and totally pisses me off, but I can’t really help it. Fucking bug corrupted all my files 🙁

Now I gotta work on yet another theme, because I lost the previous one I had (files corrupted), and re-add all my codes and things. Wish me luck on that, because I’m gonna need it. I think I’m going to use the “Sig-ables” from Shimmery Daze for it. 🙂

Potty training of the monkey is going semi-well. She has fits and spurts of peeing on it. Only 3 pull-ups a day, not including the wake-up change 🙂 I think that’s pretty damn good for her 🙂

Ethan’s being his normal butt-holish self, :lol:. He’s getting into everything, screaming all the time (I’m half deaf now courtesy of him), and eating like a cow, *snort*. Little guy makes me full watching him eat.

Kinda Pissed

If it ain’t one thing, it’s another. Visited Manda’s site. She got hacked. Lovely. Now, I’ve found that the fuckers who did it also put on grayware, and PC-Cillian is picking it up, but only to “warn” me about it. Other than that, it can’t figure out exactly what it is. Virus scan isn’t picking anything up. The spyware scan didn’t get it. Re-got Adaware and Spy Bot. So far neither sees it. So, right now, I’m fucking screwed, because I look on Trend-Micro’s site for how to get rid of it, and they’re not giving me jack.

Now, to top it off, my blog is all fucked up. No images are showing that have to do with my themes. *throws tantrum* That’s gotta do with aMember, WP, and the like with security flaws. The WP one is well-known, yet they don’t do anything at all to fix it. I’ve got the newest fucking version out. Yet my shit is still getting fucked with. And here I was thinking I was safe because I’ve got the newest version. Yeah, fucking right!

I wrote that earlier today. Things are a little better now. I switched to another area, and seem to be having no problems now. I had a grayware that was corrupting my files. Seems to be the same thing that was corrupting everyone else’s blogs, as far as I can tell. Wouldn’t be surprised. PC-Cillian said it wasn’t a malicious file, except when in conjunction with other buggies. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what caused the file corruptions everywhere (and yes, I just said that, but re-iterating)