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I Might Be Back

I’m finally getting my voice back.

I’m finally losing the cough.

I’m finally breathing better

Antibiotics had to be purchased.


I’m taking a sick day. I’m sick. Like curled under blankets shivering in a 74F apartment sick. 


A Little Behind But I Caught Up!

Work and sickness (headaches) got me behind on my scrapping, but I’m going to catch back up!

Pics are a few years old (date is listed). I love the title work that I did though!

Kit: Coaster Craze by Mags Graphics
Template: Precious by Pixelily Designs

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Exhaustion …

It looks like those layouts are going to have to wait so that I can share them with actual words and things.

I feel like poop (eww) and I’m tried. Double tomorrow, so I need to go get some rest!

Headache Beginning…

Stress or something.

Weather or something.

That’s what’s going on.


Work tomorrow at 630a but off by 3p, so I’ll be able to share the layouts I’ve done recently then!