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Hit the Gym!


Finally back to the gym. Next week, I start a new workout program (LIIFT 4), and it has THREE rest days. Those three rest days, I’ll be doing C25K. I had to promise to NOT do double-workouts, so I’ll be doing the C25K stuff Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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It Was A Good Day

We made a choice that we were going to not just stay at home this vacation. So, when my boss found me a good deal for TWO DAYS of passes for Worlds of Fun, we took advantage! Madi got to take a friend because we weren’t able to do anything for her birthday!

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It’s Hot


Okay, lately (like today) it hasn’t been SO hot, but it’s going to be!

See, not that bad. Nice. Mostly comfortable (still humid) and tolerable.

But good lord, mates! Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 99F … and the same for Friday! I’m thankful I’m working those days. In an air-conditioned cafe.

But my husband? The mail carrier? It’s gonna feel like 125F in his truck 🙁


Struggle Bus

I’m gonna be honest and real.
I’ll admit it. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose. Even on my small frame, these extra 10-15lb that I keep losing and gaining don’t drastically change my shape.
But this program? It works. I dropped some of the weight so fast, I got scared. I panicked. I stopped tracking. I stopped following. I binged.
I didn’t lie on my tracker. I just didn’t use it.
I didn’t weigh myself. I didn’t take care of me. ?
I put on half the weight I lost. I blame it on the water retention. Yeah, some of its that. Humidity and my body do not get along. It freaks out and keeps all the water. I can pee 2 times an hour, and I’ll still have swollen ankles like I ate 4lb of salt. I haven’t. I’m not a huge fan of salt. When I was pregnant, yes (no, not pregnant. IUD ?).
Yeah, some of it was because good God, those DOMs were killer. I had to rest 2 days before I could bend over to tie my own shoes. Ouch!
But most of it was me. ? ? ?
I didn’t trust the system. Instead of following the plan and adding extra snacks (I did buy SMART snacks. KiND bars that fit the suggestions, Beachbars, etc), I binged on Skittles. And Caramel creme Hersheys.
So, I was down for May as a whole but I lost progress I was making.
Now, I could quit and say “this is too hard” or I can breathe, take a look at me, take stock, and start again.
So, today starts Day 01 all over again. Today, I’m back in the saddle.
Oh, I’ll probably get a treat at the pool, and I have a couple of cartons of Halo Top my husband is demanding to be eaten, but I’m not going to beat myself up for the bumps, and when the weight starts to melt off again, I’ll be adding in those snacks that are a smart choice. Not because I want to “deprive” myself but because I want to nourish myself.
I can’t even use work as an excuse for not eating right. I’m all morning shifts (earliest start is 6a. Latest start is 645a.)
So, if you’re struggling, one way or the other, you’re not alone. Even if you feel like you are (I understand. I do too!)
Okay, long post got long ?


Making Goals

Hey look! Someone’s making goals. Let’s see how she keeps those 😉

First: Blog Daily
I miss blogging. I want to get back into it. So, that’s what I’m going to do! I might not be perfect, but I’m going to try!

Second: Use my Instagrams!
I have 2! I want to use at least each account at least once a day. It might be photos. It might be stories. Today, I shared someone’s blaring stereo as I was walking into work!
Main IG: TM2TS
Health-focused IG:

Third: Working out
I’m not putting a huge emphasis on it, but I need to get back into it. I did a workout Monday and I’m still super sore from that. Ugh! Saturday, we’re going to the pool, and my butt is just going to soak in the water, read and all that.
Oh, and slather myself in sunscreen every five minutes, of course!

Do you have any goals for June?