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I feel like shit

Yeap, that’s right. I’m coming down with something. I’m dizzy, woozy, and icky all over.
No, I’m not pregnant, I promise, :lol:. First off, last time was just Saturday, and before that was 2 months ago. Definitely ain’t pregnant, :lol:.
No, it’s teh fucking weather changes, and the fact that I have to open the windows because the old bitch in TWO can’t cut down on her smoking. Our apartment REEKS of cigarrettes, and 1 and 6 don’t smoke, and 2 does. *gag* It’s disgusting. I wish the biddy would just die of the carbon monoxide poisoning already. How hasn’t she yet. FFS, if I can smell it in here, and I’m DIAGONAL from her, how the fuck hasn’t she? All I gotta say si that I feel so bad for everyone who lives in the apartments around her. 6 had to have her filter for the AC changed because of it. The thing was BLACk as night. GROSS!

An update would be nice

Yesterday was a bad day, physically for me. I had a blood sugar droppage, and it was a major one. So, I eat, to help with it. First I wanna pass out, and then I just want to vomit. Fun, oh, fun.

Still no luck getting any help on how to do the borders 🙁 I guess either a) no one wants to help, or b) no one knows the answer. I’m gonna re-send later today, because I’d really like a response, and some advice 🙂

I really need to update my doll site because I haven’t since the 3rd of this month. O.o Oh goodness, :lol:. Newest creations:

Base is by Tequila Sunrise. I tried a different way of shading, and I really like the result. At least with the top. With the second, it was supposed to a self-portrait style, but not happy with it.

I really dislike the brats today. I’m sick and tired of them doing shit that I’ve told them over and over not to do, and not doing what I’ve told them to do. Madi’s refusing to share, and Ethan’s refusing to not mess with the stereo. *screams*

from Zarbella, of Sig Safari

Just me releasing

Something I wrote while waiting for the PC to restart:

I see the looks
They think I’m wrong
They think they know
But they know nothing
Life isn’t black and white
It has shades of grey through out
These same people are hypocrites
Spouting their filth without end
Why do they do it?
What is with the incessant need?
Let me live my life
And you just live yours
Just go away
And stay that way

No, no new layout yet

Yeah, but there are some other happy tidings:
1) Season Premiere of 7th Heaven is tonight *
2) Josh and I have set a tentative date for something very important. On our 10th anniversary, we’ll be *fingers crossed* officially tying the knot. We’ve got our own reasons for waiting, but we’re not waiting until 2017 when the next 16th falls on a Saturday, :lol:. The kids would be too old then. At least at that point in time, Megan’ll be 22, so she’ll be able to plan a decent bachelorette party.

Speaking of which, if Crystal, Julie’s sister, needs the help, I’ll be pitching in with buying things for Julie’s bachelorette and bridal shower. Josh is so sweet and understanding with that, knowing that we’re way better off financially and understands I’d really like to be able to do that for her 🙂

Somethin’ else!! I’m trying to decide what the hell to wear for Halloween. I’m gonna force myself to squeeze into the costume from last year, for trick-or-treating, but the weekend before, there’s hopefully going to be a Halloween party, and I wanna go all out. All I know is that I want to look kind of trampish. Maybe something like this with a short black skirt and my black zip-up boots, and some thigh highs. I think it would look good. Have my hair all curled and falling around everywhere. That, or I wanna do the “naughty school girl” theme. I think I could pull that off, :lol:. Hot Topic has the skirts that I want for either outfit, so that’s good, :lol:.

from Angel, at the The Pixel Pantry


The current theme is only temporary. I’m working on the new one right now. I just wanted something a bit different, since I screwed up the one with Monkey on it, :lol:.

So, if you see funky out of place things, don’t worry. I’m working on ’em 🙂