Planners? We Have Planners!

This is my , set up for the month of September. I love how basic it is. It’s exactly what I need!

Here’s this week! I don’t have much going on this week, or next week. Heck, most of September is mostly just birthdays! :O I’m okay with that though!

Tomorrow’s Daily Page. Those get used only if I need them. Considering I’m going to have to double-up on the workout to make up for sleeping all day today, I’m gonna need the tracking! EEPS!

This is the monthly pages of my . This is the Squad Goals or something like that one. It’s a vertical, lines only one, with each season represented. Sometimes I’ll keep that, sometimes I’ll use a kit to spice it up. This month, I used the August Monthly Kit from Planning Made Easy!

I also used the same kit to decorate this week!! This planner is used as my journaling, basically, planner. I write in it, or I use stickers to fill it up!

I used some of the kit to also decorate my page! I love it!
As you can see, LOTS of birthdays! AND my 18th anniversary! ? ? ?

Now it’s time for me to go to bed!


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