Monthly Archives: December 2018


Happy Birthday Me

I got myself a new Polar tracker.

Yes, I have 2 Garmins, and a Fitbit, but I wanted one that would work with my chest strap!


I Suck

Things don’t want to edit.

Things don’t want to render.

Things don’t want to upload.

Well, okay then.


Filmed a PWM

Remind me to NEVER do that again. At least not until I figure out different ways to set up my cameras!


Starting Over … Again


Starting over, not giving up!

January 26th, Ethan’s pack is going to IBEX in Kansas City.

Rock-wall climbing!

That means I need to REALLY work out my upper-body.

Time to complete LIIFT 4 and stop making excuses!


I’m Not Able to Figure Things Out

Yeah, attempting to get something done and it failed!