A Close-Up Explanation of My Planners

Each week, in my main , I do the same basic layout. Each and every week. My bullet journal will be different layouts, but it usually has the same info as well. I figured I’d do an explanation of it this week!

The sidebar switches, depending on what I’m wanting to do. This week, I used a Productivity sidebar sticker from Me and My Big Ideas.

Now here is how I’ll use the I have set up:

  1. Starting weight for the week and the goal weight.
    Personally, I’m hoping it mostly stays the same. It won’t. It will fluctuate. That’s okay. As long as I don’t go under 120lb.
  2. my resting HR and steps.
  3. Tracking if I take my vitamins and -out. I can tell you right now that Wednesday and Saturday WILL NOT be checked out!
  4. Water! Water! Water!
  5. Trackers from the kit I used from Planning Made Easy.
  6. My schedules. Yay
  7. My shakes! I track what flavors/recipes I try.
  8. is here to track my workouts!

And one last thing: Just tracking my shit to do 😛

And a very basic layout for the bullet journal this week!

  1. Let’s see if I keep up with weather tracking 😛
  2. Events!!
  3. My friend’s !
  4. !
  5. Tasks!!

  1. Goals!
  2. Tracking steps, heart rate, and active minutes. Yes, more than one place 😉
  3. How the fuck did I feel today?
  4. And other stuff I need to remember!

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One response to “A Close-Up Explanation of My Planners

  1. I have planner envy.