Hit the Gym!


Finally back to the . Next week, I start a new workout program (), and it has THREE rest days. Those three rest days, I’ll be doing . I had to promise to NOT do double-workouts, so I’ll be doing the stuff Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.


I love my H10 chest-strap. Now I can use the Beats , and truly track my workouts.


I get some good information from it, as well. I get to see which zones my HR stays in for how long. For once, my body isn’t freaking out and staying in Zone 5 for everything! Zone 3 is good, since I’m wanting to burn fat and work on my cardio. I want to work on my ability to go for longer times, rather than burn out super fast.


I got it done. That’s all that matters. And I had the gym to myself for at least half my workout. That’s damn nice, too! That’s why I like this gym location. It’s never full when I’m able to go! Even in the summer!



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