It Was A Good Day

We made a choice that we were going to not just stay at home this . So, when my boss found me a good deal for TWO DAYS of passes for , we took advantage! Madi got to take a friend because we weren’t able to do anything for her birthday!

It was a hot day. Like HOT-HOT! This screenshot was taken at 6p, on our way home. OUCH! No wonder Madi ended up with !

But I got to “flaunt” my bathing suit body. I HATE how my hair looks when it’s wet. And I’m not in perfect shape, but I’m feeling more and more comfortable in my skin every day!

The last ride of the day. . Me? I don’t do roller coasters. Especially right now. I’m a little unsure about my crown staying in!

But I got my hair lightened! I still reek of , but that’s okay!


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