Currently ….

There’s an update to the card! I love it! I have access to a couple other designs. I love this version though!

Watching: True Blood
Reading: Down and Dirty
Listening: Workout
Making: Meal plans
Feeling: Headache
Planning: Day off Tuesday
Loving: my blankets
Eating: Pizza
Playing: Sims 4
Learning: Watercolor
Exploring: depths of HDs
Thinking: Bed early?
Knowing: It’s freaking COLD!
Choosing: Acceptance

? It’s actually really freaking good! I might be a little addicted!

is by Sandra Hill. Part of her Vikings series. SO GOOD!

My is actually pretty good! I listen on ! It’s not really my playlist. I snagged it from someone else 😉

Sims 4 has a new stuff pack coming out! Laundry Stuff. Why am I so excited for that? That’s what I’m planning on doing Tuesday 😉

Week 01 in the series! I love the muted colors. It fit for how the week went!

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Template: 5. – Basic by

Kit: #2018 January
Template: by×12-Templates-CU-Ok-by-Connie-Prince.html


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