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First, let me say that I missed yesterday’s vlog and I’m going to miss ’s. I’m and no one, including myself, wants to see that. One day, though, I’ll vlog with the ! We’ll see how that goes!

Now, Spotify has some great stats for how you spend your listening year. Not surprising, my #1 song for is the same as the #1 song for 2016: by Flo Rida

Wow. So, it looks like I listen to a LOT of artists, right? And a variety of songs 🙂

I do not know how Bryan Adams is my top artist, but My House is the top song. Pop Rock sounds good for Top Genre. I that it’s only 06, and Pop is already highly played. :O

So, my choices are like those of a 26/27 year old :O Interesting 😀

The reason I skip so much is because I haven’t fine-tuned a playlist. Plus, it’s all in the mood! for more info! Check out your stats!

And the top 30 songs of 2017 (out of 100). Yeah, I have a taste in music, I guess? It jumps around!


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